Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIGITAL PIANO CONSUMER REPORTS - New Price Increases on Roland, Yamaha, & more!

UPDATED Review - March 9, 2013Digital Piano Consumer Reports - Many of the popular digital piano manufacturers including Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Casio, Kurzweil, Korg, and others have new improved models with some price increases over the older ones. And many digital piano accessories such as stands, benches, speakers, headphones, etc have also gone up in price too. If you thought by waiting around, the slower economy would have a downward effect on prices, then you bet on the "wrong horse" in my opinion. Many consumer retail items & services have also gone up recently including food, transportation, utilities, and health insurance, and pianos are no exception.

Although prices of the good digital piano brands have gone up, there are also a few that have gone down slightly because the manufacturers believe they need to be more competitive with other brands to stay in the game (good 'ol competition). One such piano is the Yamaha Arius YDP181 which was $1799 and went down to $1699 internet discount price. The YDP181 is a good digital piano but overpriced in my opinion as compared to the popular Kawai CE220 which is noticeably better in my opinion at just $200 more. And the very popular Casio privia PX850 has many nice features the YDP181 does not have while still offering a realistic acoustic feel graduated hammer key action and piano sound with impressive dynamics, and it sells at internet discount of just $1099. Most new digital pianos are still a good value when you consider the much higher prices of new acoustic pianos, but you don't want to buy the first digital piano you see or read about.. 

A piano is not a commodity or a necessity like a phone, computer, food, gas, vehicle, apartment or house. A piano purchase is using your discretionary income so you could make a choice to live without it. However, if you or someone in your family is anything like me (or my students) when it comes to listening to or playing music (incl piano, keyboard, guitar, etc) then it is something that is difficult to be without and I know many other people feel the same way. It's also one of the best things you or a family member can do for yourselves or your children no matter what age you are!

Casio Privia PX780 Digital Piano
Casio PX780
Please take a look at my many piano consumer reports on this blog to get valuable info that will  hopefully help you find the right piano. I am a professional music teacher (piano, keyboard, guitar, organ) & musician, and am an expert in this field of digital pianos, unlike many of the amateur reviewers out there. I do this independently to help people really understand what is out there and how to recognize the differences and make intelligent shopping & buying decisions. So please contact me directly for specific piano advice and I can help also you get lower prices on new digital pianos than advertised internet discount prices.

Take a look at the new Casio Privia PX850 and PX780 (above left pic) which I recommend in the lower price range that can be seen at the following links on my blog reviews:

Casio PX780 Review
Casio PX850 Review

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