A Grand Piano Key Action

A piano key action, especially in a Grand Piano, is a very intricate set of parts for each of the 88-keys. The way each key moves, the amount of pressure you need to use to press down a key, the amount of time it takes the key to come back up after pressing it down, the distance each key travels from resting position to full downward position, the noise or lack of it when playing the keys, all of these things and more are part of the key touch action in a piano and determines whether a piano can adequately reproduce the music you want to play.

A good key action that works well and will last a long time without problems is one of the most important things to look for in a piano. And it is also one of the things that is hard for a beginning musician or novice piano buyer to understand. It's kind of like the ride of a good car. When it's smooth, even, noise free, and comfortable, driving the car is a pleasure. The same is true for the piano. If the key action movement works well, playing and enjoying the piano is a pleasure and ultimately the music sounds better.

Not all piano key actions are created the same and some are downright unacceptable. Whether the piano is a new one or used, acoustic or digital, a key action needs to work properly or you'll will be very disappointed. That is one of the major reasons why some pianos cost more than others. All the piano keyboards look very similar (there are 88 black & white keys) but they may be built in vastly different ways on the inside. When you're looking to purchase a piano anywhere in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area, contact us for more information on how to purchase a piano with a good key action. Contact me at music@azpianowholesale.com


  1. do Wyman pianos have under felted hammers? could you tell me what whippen type they use? lets say there is a baldwin action, yamaha action, young chang action, and schimmel action. which one is closest to that of wyman? i have played pianos from the dongbei factory (Hallet Davis, Nordiska, chinese baldwin) would the hinsgai pianos (hardmann peck, wyman, steigerman) be similar?

  2. i have played a piano from the hinsghai which also produces wyman. would wyman share the same action?