REVIEW - Casio PX830 Digital Piano - Very Nice for the Price

UPDATED REVIEW - October 1, 2012 - The Casio Privia PX830 is now discontinued and will be replaced by a new upgraded technology in a compact cabinet model scheduled to come out sometime in later this month October 2012.

Although the Casio PX830 was a good piano when it first came out, Casio has just released the new Privia PX750 compact digital piano with a much improved key action and acoustic piano sound over the PX830, and it's currently selling for just $799 internet price. Although the speaker system on the PX750 is somewhat less powerful than the PX830, the volume is quite adequate for most homes and the improvements in sound and touch over the older PX830 are amazing, especially for the price. There are some discontinued PX830's on the internet right now for less money and they are good deals compared to what they were, but I would suggest you may be better off getting the brand new PX750. Read my review of this model and you'll learn why: Casio PX750 review 

Casio PX850
And if you are willing to wait until near the end of October, Casio will be releasing it's top of the line Privia cabinet piano called the PX850 and it's internet discount price is just $1099. I will be posting my review of this model soon but for a few $100 dollars more, this piano is amazing! With its astounding 256-note piano sound polyphony, USB flash drive audio recording & playback system, brand new upgraded synthetic ivory & ebony keytops, and console grand piano lid sound projection for an even more natural organic sound, in my opinion it's worth moving up to the new PX850 over the PX830. If you cannot go up to the price of the new PX850, then I would still suggest you consider the new PX750 over the discontinued PX830 if you're wanting to get an even more realistic acoustic piano playing experience at a low price. 

I did like the PX830 however, and the price was reasonable for what it had including the older 1st generation ivory feel piano keys an SD card slot for storage of recorded songs on SD memory cards, a 40 watt audio system with 4 speakers, and fairly realistic piano touch & piano tone and more.  Also, the top folded down flat when closing the piano cover, which was kinda cool although I personally like the sliding key cover better because it's more practical in my opinion because you don't have to remove things off the top of the piano when closing the lid on pianos with sliding key covers.

The PX830 does offer a USB computer/iPad connection which has the new CoreMIDI USB instant "plug & play" software inside the Casio piano and is also available on the new models too. This allows the Privia pianos to be easily and instantly connected to an Apple iPad or computer which many people are using these days for in-home or studio educational piano lessons, composing, arranging, and many other exciting things. The fully compliant CoreMIDI USB connection is not available on Yamaha, Roland, or Kawai in this price range or on many off-brand pianos.

So before you buy a Casio PX830, I would strongly suggest you consider the newer models which will not only sound better but also put you ahead of the technology curve too, and that's almost always a good thing:)

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  1. Dear Tim Praskins ,

    My name is Jolie Pham, a Vietnamese student.
    I wanna buy a Casio digital Piano,confusing between PX 730 and PX 830. Thank for your review very much. I have 02 questions and I'm so happy if you help me.^^

    I went to some instrument shops and they told me that:
    01. PX 830 is the new version of PX 730 but the new functions are just little, so they are..same same.
    02. Casio does not produce PX 830 any more.
    They adived me to buy a Celviano AP7 or just a PX 730, depend on my finance.(In fact, I have just a litte money)

    Then, my questions are :
    01. Is Casio PX 830 stopped produced ?
    (If Yes, would you please give me some reason? ^^)
    02. Should I buy a PX 830 or a PX 730 in case the question 01 is right ?

    Thank you very much,
    I am looking forward to hearing from you ! ^^

    P/s: You can help me by replying me here or

    Thanks again, ^^

    Best Regards,

  2. Thanks Tim for posting these blog reviews. I was debating between the PX750 vs. the PX830 since both can be found for the same price on the internet. Based on your comments I have decided on the 750.