UPDATE: Sept 15, 2010. Is there really such a thing as a "PIANO SALE" at a piano Store? Well...yes and no. A sale is anything that is less than manufacturer's retail price. So in reality, there's always a sale on nearly everything. When was the last time you bought a big ticket item like furniture, a vehicle, or jewelry at "regular price??" Maybe never. The simple fact is...a piano store or any kind of music store can sell whatever they have for what ever they want at any time. It's really up to the consumer to get the most product and service for the least amount of money.

So the next time you see a digital or acoustic piano advertised "on sale," please understand that you could get that price most anytime assuming that model is available. There is always the case of a used or damaged item which the dealer is willing to take less money for, or even a "going out of business" sale (which unfortunately is happening more frequently these days). But generally speaking on regular piano inventory, the advertised sale price can be had almost any day, and in many cases the price can go lower depending on how well you negotiate and when & how you're willing to pay for it.

An exception might be on a high demand item with very limited availability. You may pay more for that kind of product, but it just depends on how bad you want it. Sometimes it's just really cool to get something new & exciting when it first comes out and at that point, maybe price doesn't matter to you? Also, just because a product is brand new doesn't mean it costs a lot of money. In many cases a new or updated model can actually be less money than last year's model, it just depends on the manufacturer and dealer.

But if you see an ad that says "SALE 10-50% off", or "Piano Sale up to 75% off", or Pianos from a school, college, or concert now being sold off "1st come 1st served at huge savings", just remember, the dealer can sell anything he/she has for whatever he/she wants at any time if they really want to, not just at the special event.  It just depends on their motivation and your ability to make a good deal.

I will say that dealers who offer a product or package deal at a fair price while offering great service are worth doing business with. Although I believe honest, friendly dealers who can also provide their customers with great support and service are somewhat rare to find, they're a pleasure to work with and even paying a little more money for that piano. You never know when you might need them. "Internet only" stores, generally speaking, aren't always the best way to go, (even for less money) if you can't get great service and support. And in the case of digital pianos, many of these "on-line piano web sites" don't really have anyone who knows what their pianos do or how they work. They're just order takers and won't really be able to guide or help you except for taking your money.

So think twice before buying a piano "on sale" or from a business who does not specialize in that kind of product  It just might not be the best deal for YOU!

Contact me with any questions at tim@azpianowholesale.com for more info on how to get great pianos for even LESS money!  

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