REVIEW - Casio PX130CSSPW White Digital Piano - "Limited Edition model"

Updated REVIEW - August 30, 2013: Casio has discontinued this model and come out with a new & improved replacement called the PX150 at just $499 internet discount price.  Go here to read about it: Casio PX150 Review

This "limited edition" Privia PX130 digital piano in a special contemporary off-white cabinet finish (with silver keyboard trim) is available in limited supply 1st come 1st served from Casio and is discount priced at $599 including the matching stand and pedals (the new model is called the PX350 as stated above). That is really a very low price in my opinion for an attractive custom color like white with silver trim, and no other manufacturer has anything like it in this price range that I know of. The good piano brands that do have a white model are more than twice the price and don't look near as good (I've seen this one in person). With a realistic simulated acoustic piano hammer touch (very nice for this price) and convincing stereo piano tone (with 128 note polyphony) with a wide dynamic range along with additional instrument tones, educational features, built-in speakers with 16 watts of stereo power (which sounds surprisingly loud and full) and reliable electronics, the Casio PX130CSSPW Privia piano in custom white incl stand & pedals is a super nice piano to own at it's low price. And something else that I am impressed with is the Casio piano stand and 3-pedal system is very sturdy and durable and makes this piano feel like the real thing. And it's all about what you can get for a low price and Casio has done a good job on this one.

This model is exactly the same as the standard Casio PX130 in black as far as specs and playability. It has 16 nice instrument tones, a digital recorder, editing features, a USB 2.0 plug & play for direct connection to a computer, and a smooth and natural piano touch with is actually very impressive given its low price. I believe piano teachers, schools, musicians, and recreational piano players would this PX130 as an inexpensive piano and a great alternative to a used acoustic piano. With the full size piano style stand and traditional 3-piano pedals this piano is a winner.

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