REVIEW - Wyman Grand Pianos

Wyman Piano is a piano company who has been making very nice grand pianos in China for a number of years. There are many companies who have some of their pianos made in China including Kawai, Yamaha, and even Steinway with their Essex pianos. I have included a couple videos here (below) of people who recommend Wyman incl a local respected, long time piano technician, and also a nationally known & respected doctor (and professional musician & studio engineer) who currently resides in Nashville. There are other fine musicians & piano teachers who recommend and enjoy playing Wyman pianos. None of these people are paid or given anything in return for their endorsements. 

I personally like them simply because they're very good pianos pianos for a low price, and in this challenging economy, that's important to have. If the piano wasn't worthy of owning, I would not recommend them. And just for the record, my favorite Wyman piano is the 5'7" grand in polished ebony. Beautiful to look at & play. 

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