Tim Praskins visits Casio & Yamaha piano factories in Japan!

Some years ago, I was invited (along with a small group of distinguished music instrument experts and store owners) to personally visit the Casio & Yamaha piano factories and headquarters in Japan. These were 2 separate visits for 1 week each and I received a full tour of each piano factory and was able to see first hand how their acoustic & digital pianos were built. All I can say is HAI (pronounced "Hi")...that means YES in Japanese. Yes, those factories were so technologically advanced and sophisticated it was incredible to see!

I saw hundreds of different products being built including guitars & drums at the Yamaha factory. In fact I built my very own custom Yamaha electric guitar while I was at the Yamaha factory and signed my name to it. It even works and plays great. And it's a custom one-of-a-kind color. I got to eat lots of authentic Japanese food all over the place including restaurants in Tokyo, Hamamatsu, and Osaka.

But I must say I was impressed by the hard work, skill, and attention to detail of those instrument builders. There are few people in this country who have been able to take a small group private tour of these facilities, but I was fortunate enough to be chosen primarily because I am considered by many to be an expert in understanding many of the music products that these companies make, especially their digital pianos and keyboards. Unfortunately I wasn't able to tour the Roland piano factory while I was there, but Roland is equal to the craftsmanship and reliability of these other Japanese piano & keyboard factories. I have also been to the U.S. headquarters of both the Roland & Yamaha companies and know many of those people quite well.

So when you want to get more info on the latest digital pianos, then contact the person who knows his stuff and has been to the factories and seen these things made. And if for some reason I don't have the answers to your questions, I can get them.

Contact me at tim@azpianowholesale.com or call direct at 602-571-1864


  1. Hello,

    Do you know in which countries the factories of Yamaha digital pianos / Casio digital piano / Roland digital pianos are located?
    It would be interested to know.
    Thank you!

  2. many countries including Japan, China, Indonesia, Italy, and others