Buyers Guide for New & Used Digital Pianos - What you should know

Used Digital Piano
UPDATED REVIEW: March 25, 2014 - Digital Piano Buyers Guide - There are hundreds new & used pianos for sale all over America at various Internet and local music, piano, and general merchandise stores. Generally speaking, most used digital pianos (portable or home cabinet style) for sale are somewhat risky investments because digital technology changes so quickly and new digital pianos are significantly better than the older ones and may even cost less money. Also, there can be intermittent electronic problems that you may not know about until you get it home and play it for awhile, and then it's too late...your stuck. The cost to repair those pianos (if you can get parts and service) can be expensive. So basically, with a few exceptions, I advise people to stay away from buying used digital pianos unless you really know what you are doing. When it comes to those exceptions, it's a case by case scenario and you'd have to get some expert advice from someone who knows.

One of the best ways to navigate through the minefield of used acoustic pianos is to have one you're interested in inspected by an independent, experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable tuner/technician in your area. If it were me, I would hire that piano tech to come out and inspect and even appraise the used piano I was looking to purchase, especially from a private party. If the used piano was in a piano store, then that might be a safer bet, but I may still consider hiring a technician to inspect it.

Not all new digital pianos are created equal. Some are great, some are good, and some are...bad. Most of the time you cannot tell by just looking at them because some look great but play bad. The best thing to do is research new digital pianos before you make your purchase. I can help you with that if you look through my blog reviews on many brands and models of new digital pianos. You can also contact me direct and I will be happy to give you specific no charge.

Kawai CE220 digital piano
Kawai CE220
Here are a couple of new digital piano suggestions: If you are looking for a very good quality digital piano for a lower price, there are two digital pianos available now, that in my opinion, are not only wonderful pianos for piano tone, touch, and cabinet design, but they have some good educational features that will help students with piano lessons & practice. They are the Kawai CE220 and the Casio PX780 Privia. I have done reviews on these pianos as well as many others, so check them out when you have time and contact me with any questions you have.

For more info on digital & acoustic pianos as well as how to get a new digital piano for less money than internet and local US store prices, contact me at or call me direct at 602-571-1864.


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