Important Announcement! - REVIEW - Casio AP620 & PX330 digital pianos exceed all expectations

UPDATED REVIEW - Feb 12, 2013 Casio AP620 - This piano has now been discontinued and a new model called the Casio PX780 piano is available soon that will be significantly upgraded in most every way but will be a lot less money! Go here to see my recent review of this new 2013 model: Casio PX780 review.

Once upon a time not so long ago, the Casio piano brand was considered a toy and a 2nd rate instrument. People didn't take them seriously, especially musicians and piano teachers like myself. Today that has all changed. The Casio Celviano AP620 digital ensemble piano and the lightweight portable version of that piano called the Privia PX330 are in high demand by various musicians, teachers, and everyday people. I have worked with many brands and piano manufacturers in my 35-year music career and have never seen this kind of overwhelming positive reaction to pianos like these. People keep saying to me "I can't believe what I'm hearing, feeling, and seeing for such a low price" after they play either the AP620 or PX330. And then they say "Is this really a Casio?" And these positive reactions are coming from musicians and piano teachers who have played for years. So do yourself a favor, if you are considering a digital piano and want high quality and a low price, then definitely look at the 2011 model Casio Celviano AP620 or Privia PX330 pianos 

For more detailed info, check out the link below on the AP620.

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