REVIEW - Casio PX3 Pro Stage Piano - A lot for the money

UPDATED REVIEW - August 1, 2013 - The Casio PX3 portable stage piano ($799 internet price) is now discontinued and has been replaced by the new & improved PX5S ($999 internet discount price). The new model is a HUGE improvement over the PX3 so if you are considering a stage piano controller piano in a lightweight package and want to keep it under $1000, the PX5S has a redesigned key action, piano sound chip, and a variety of other sounds and functions that makes this model very compelling to own. Go to the following link for my PX5S review: Casio PX5S review.

Here is my original short review of the PX3: This is the first time in Casio's 30 years of piano business that they have produced a lightweight Pro Stage Piano "controller" for gigs, churches, schools, touring musicians, and others who need those kinds of functions at a low price. Based in part on the Casio PX330 Privia portable piano, the Casio PX3 (without internal speakers) also incorporates the all new "ivory feel" keyboard and gives these pianos an extra edge. The PX3 also has 250 tones including some higher quality instrument sounds (than the PX330) especially designed for this piano like better Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer's, Yamaha DX7's, and more. There are also master keyboard editing features too. The PX3 was designed primarily to be a good lower priced lightweight controller piano alternative with on board sounds for under $800. The stereo grand piano sounds, good upright style key action, and smooth response action are good for its price range although there are certainly better digital pianos, but they are more money. This instrument offers a lot in a very lightweight case that comes in at only 23 pounds.

As far as price goes, the PX3 internet discount price is $799.

Here's are just some of the features of the Casio PX3:

- 88 note scaled weighted hammer action with Ivory Touch Matte Keys for more precise performance feel.
- Tone editing with insert effects. Control over envelopes, filters, LFO's and more to customize any of the 250 internals instrument sounds
- new improved instrument sounds (over the PX330) in the electric pianos, organs, and other tones
- Insert effects are available simultaneously on 2 tones (64 combinations of effects are available)
- Edits store in 64 user registration memories
- 4 band master EQ
- 4 zone midi controller (1 split, 2 upper, 2 lower)
- Each zone can be internal tone, external midi device, or both at same time
- Pan control over each Zone (splitting, etc)
- Full bank and MIDI program change
- 2 assignable switches for internal or external (rotary, mod, or other midi cc)
- NO speakers (because this piano is geared to be played through an external sound system)
- Live performance quick tone changes - Change any tone in any zone quickly & easily
- Easy to read front panel labeling & clearly labeled back panel jacks
- 128 note polyphony
- Graphic LCD
- SD card slot for song playback and setup storage

For more info on digital pianos and how to get one of these models for LESS than any advertised US price, please contact me at or call direct at 602-571-1864


  1. Orla stage player is a great piano for only 440 EUR.midi in/ot/thru. is it Fatar keys

  2. Px3 owners can get a free gig bag from casio in the USA

  3. This is a great keyboard,best bang for the buck,don't wait on this one,or you will miss the boat
    Danny Robles
    Casa Grande Az.

  4. Hey Danny,

    I totally agree with your comments. I see you are a "neighbor" living in Casa Grande. I have some clients who live there. I assume you have the PX3 and if you ever need any help, look me up. And if anyone you know wants one, my introductory price on a new order is really good:)

  5. Sorry for bad english:
    I only want a good piano sound and touch. I preffer that than the other sounds, his relation with the PC, and the size of the piano (it will be in mi house) and any other thing.
    If I could buy a acustic piano i will do it without miss anything of a digital piano.
    So you recommend to me the px3?
    It has so many goods things, but maybe as a "simple" piano the Korg is better. What do you thing?
    Its complicated to buy the casio, its more easy for me to buy a Korg LP350 (because i can buy it in my city, the casio must be trought internet and I dont trust in that... I live in México, the best here is the korg.) (and because that, the korg is as expensive as the px3, because the shipping)
    Another option could be the px330, but the situation is the same. Korg vs px330.
    Please, answer me :C Korg 350 is a good election?

  6. Thanks for the review Tim - likewise, I agree, it's certainly good value for money.