Casio PX3 Digital Piano - Pro Midi Controller Performance Keyboard - Just $799* LIMITED EDITION

UPDATE October 1, 2010. It's official and it's here. The all new Casio PX3 super lightweight (23.6 lbs) Performance Controller digital piano is discount priced at a very low $799* (*I am offering a special discount price with free gig bag for a limited time only). This new model is a "limited edition" piano worldwide and will likely sell out fast.

If you're a musician playing gigs, writing music, playing at a church, recording songs, or just want to have lots of control over your sounds, effects, and real time playing, then place your order (with me) on the new PX3.

Here's are just some of the features of the Casio PX3 pro piano keyboard:

- 88 note scaled weighted hammer action with Ivory Touch Matte Keys for incredible performance feel.
- Tone editing with insert effects. Full control over envelopes, filters, LFO's and more to customize any of the 250 internals sounds
- new improved instrument sounds (over the PX330) incl pro electric pianos, organs, and other tones
- Insert effects are available simultaneously on 2 tones (64 combinations of effects are available)
- Edits storable in 64 user registration memories
- 4 band master EQ
- 4 zone midi controller (1 split, 2 upper, 2 lower)
- Each zone can be internal tone, external midi device, or both at same time
- Pan control over each Zone (splitting, etc)
- Full bank and MIDI program change
- 2 assignable switches for internal or external (rotary, mod, or other midi cc)
- NO speakers (because this piano is geared to be played through an external sound system)
- Live performance quick tone changes - Change any tone in any zone quickly & easily
- Easy to read front panel labeling & clearly labeled back panel jacks
- 128 note polyphony
- Graphic LCD
- SD card slot for song playback and setup storage
- Incredible pro on-board sounds

I have heard the new tones including the pro electric pianos, B3 type organs, pads, and others and I can tell you they're hot, especially for the price! And to have all of these tones residing inside an 88-key lightweight pro controller piano keyboard with lots of editing and storage control along with a great key-touch, stereo piano tone along and ivory feel keytops is amazing. Casio has produced a recent audio/video of the PX3 which is available from their company FaceBook page, so you can check it out over there.

For more info on digital pianos and how to get one of these models for LESS than any advertised US price on the internet during the Christmas Holiday time, please contact me at or call direct at 602-571-1864


  1. Wow!... can you get one of those for me?

  2. What a terrific little machine! How would the action relate to a Motif or Fantom?

  3. For live shows its really Good one

  4. The Motif & Phantom in my opinion has a different and more refined action than the PX3. However we are not talking about the same price range are we?:) The Roland & Yamaha are 88-key piano workstations that are 3-4 times the price, so not a fair comparison. However for $799, I think the Casio PX3 is the best in that lower price range

  5. Would you recommend one to use the PX3 keyboard on overseas flight gigs? I frequently play in Asia and the Middle East for 3 to 6 months at a time and really would like weighted keys but the hitch is I am confined to 23 kg per bag. I use padded bags as hard cases would put me in a position where it could only be shipped via cargo and that would be inconvenient and could be a big hassle. Having my keyboards with me ensures they will be there on time. I make sure the knobs and switched are well protected and also use my clothing and padding wrapped around the boards I take. I have not had a single issue in 4 or 5 ventures of this nature as I pack securely and tightly and double bag them. Is there a way to pack a weighted board so that the hammers do not move while in transit (perhaps the keys being in the depressed position or something like that?) The Casio PX3 is the lightest weighted, 88 key, piano that also can also be a controller and that's exactly what I'm looking for... Thanks very much.

  6. It sounds like you are being as careful as you can in the keyboard packing/protecting process. You might also use non sticky tape over the keys and taped on to the piano cabinet itself to try and hold the keys in position so they don't move