Jalayna & Arianna Praskins - Successful piano teachers and musicians who have a love for sharing music with others

On this blog article are pictures of my daughters who are piano teachers. I am very proud of them as they have a deep love of music and like to share that with their students. My older daughter Jalayna (posing next to the grand piano) loves all types of music as well as enjoys playing on both acoustic and digital pianos. She has taught piano professionally for many of years  since she was 17 and likes to teach her 3-yr old daughter how to play. Jalayna started piano lessons on a regular basis when she was just 5 years old and her practice has paid off.

My youngest daughter Arianna (sitting at the piano in a casual impromptu moment) loves music and has been playing piano professionally for quite a few years since she was 15 for weddings, choir concerts, private parties, etc. Arianna has taught group piano and private lessons since she was 17 and currently teaches piano from her home and has students of all ages. She also plays a grand and digital piano in a music group at her church on a regular basis. Arianna has both a portable digital piano and an acoustic grand piano at home she started taking piano lessons when she was just 5 years old.

My middle daughter Karyna does not teach or play music these days although she taught beginner through advanced flute for many years. Karyna started lessons when she was just 5 years old and grew up studying piano, violin, and then flute. Flute was her favorite instrument and she plays it very well. My son Erik likes to play his guitar when he has time as well as drums.  I know by experience that a family who grows up playing and/or singing good music together is more likely to have successful lives because of it.Many professional studies have shown that kids who play music or are involved in the Arts in some way are more likely to be generally successful person in life.

I hope that anyone thinking about getting into music, taking lessons, and giving it "a shot" will not hesitate because the personal satisfaction and rewards are worth it. Do it today and if you need advice on getting a good piano for a very low price, I can help. Just contact me at tim@azpianowholesale.com

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