LEARN HOW TO GET THE LOWEST PRICES ON NEW ACOUSTIC & DIGITAL PIANOS incl Roland RG1, RG3, RM700, KR7, DP990, LX10, HP203, HP205, HP207, HPi6, HPi7, RP201 - Yamaha Clavinova CLP320, CLP330, CLP340, CLP370, CLP380, CLPS306, CLPS308, CLP265GP, CLP295GP, CVP501, CVP503, CVP505, CVP509, CVP409GP, Kawai CL25, CN22, CN32, CN42, CA63, CA93, CE200, CP119, CP139, CP179, CP209, Kurzweil Mark Pro ONEi, Mark Pro TWOiS, X-Pro UP, X-Pro MG, Mark 112 i, Essex pianos EGP155, EGP161, EGP173, EGP183, EUP111, EUP116, EUP123, Henry F Miller HMGO58, HMGO63, HMGO64, HMGO67, HMGO74, Fischer FG142, FV108, Hallet-Davis baby grand pianos, Young Chang PG pianos, YP pianos, Samick Pianos, and more!

There are a few ways to buy a good new piano for less money than you might think at a piano dealer showroom! It does depend on a number of factors incl the actual piano, the age of the piano, the particular dealer, what state and city you live in, the time of year, whether or not you have a trade-in, and a few other factors. After being in the retail portion of the piano business at a variety of piano dealers for over 30 years, I know how it can be done and what the consumer must do to get a better price. There are a few "secrets" to know that could help get you what you want for less, however, I am not allowed to discuss them on this blog.

When it comes to various brands and types of pianos such as the ones I have listed in the blog heading, I do not personally sell them or work for anyone who does. I just have a deep understanding of the piano retail business and how the consumer (in these difficult economic times) might be able to save some money on their purchase. New home acoustic & digital pianos prices are shown "on-line," but it is possible to get them for even less depending on how you do it and what dealer you are working with. If you contact me, I may be able to help. I do it for my local piano students, musician friends, and others.

For more info, please contact me at tim@azpianowholesale.com


  1. I am looking to purchase a baby grand but have minimal $$. All the Chinese made ones are coming in at $5,800 including delivery, first tuning and some deals...even tax. Is this considered a good deal? So far I have seen Hallet&Davis, Taylor, Pearl River and Young Chang. Is any one better than the other?

  2. For an answer to that kind of question, you may email me at my email address and include the city and state you live in