REVIEW - Steinway Piano Sound and Kurzweil CUP2 Digital Piano - A Beautiful Piano

UPDATED REVIEW: March 29, 2013 - Most great pianists consider the Steinway acoustic pianos to be the benchmark of piano tone, especially for classical piano. In other words, Steinway is what all other piano brands are measured by. The Steinway piano company has been hand-making professional Upright & Grand Pianos in New York for over 100 years and I have played and sold Steinway pianos and can tell you that they do have the ultimate Grand Piano tone. In fact, over 90% of all classical pianists, orchestras, and composers insist on playing Steinway pianos. So when digital piano manufacturers try to reproduce the best piano tone possible, in many cases they "sample" (take a recording of) a Steinway Grand Piano and try to duplicate that tone with their digital technology. In addition to that, the digital piano makers also try to duplicate the key touch of acoustic pianos.

I have been around digital pianos for years playing and teaching on them professionally and I can tell you that (in my opinion) no digital piano company has actually reproduced the complete Steinway Grand piano tone but many are trying and have tried. Since its inception in the early 80's, Ray Kurzweil, the founder & creator of Kurzweil pianos, has developed digital piano sampling technology that was years ahead of anyone else and to this day, Kurzweil still has one of the nicest acoustic piano sound reproductions in a digital piano although the other major digital pianos companies have caught up with Kurzweil and a couple of surpassed them in home furniture cabinet pianos. 

The Kurzweil CUP2 upright furniture style digital piano is Kurzweil's latest attempt at reproducing a satisfying piano sound and key action in a digital piano and I have written about this model in detail on my blog so I would encourage you to check it out when you have time at the following link: Kurzweil CUP2 detailed review

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