UPDATED REVIEW - January 2, 2014 - CASIO AP420 piano is long DISCONTINUED but still may be available at a couple of on-line dealers - The Casio AP420 was a good piano in its day, but the newer "50" series is far better and vastly upgraded in terms of realistic piano key action, piano sound, and pedaling sustain response. If given the option of buying the AP420 for a reduced discontinued price or buying the new Casio AP250 or PX750 piano for a similar price or the PX850 for a higher price, I would recommend you go with the newer models. Casio America also has the upgraded Privia PX850 digital piano over the AP420 in terms of much better piano key action movement, the keys themselves the quality, response & expression of piano sound with much improved acoustic piano sound realism, more realistic pedaling sound reproduction, and upgraded internal speaker systems.  

PREVIOUS AP420 Review - As far as the AP420 goes, if you don't think you need a lot of "bells and whistles" but just want a nice sounding piano with a good piano key touch, then this would be a good piano in the lower price range although it's a 4 year old model at this point. Casio has some distinct advantages as far as the additional features on the AP420 piano (left pic) over other brands like Yamaha which is the only other good piano line with a selection of pianos in this price range. I really like the fact this model has synthetic ivory feel keytops which you don't get on any other cabinet piano brand at this price. Also it has SD card input (newer pianos use the better USB flashdrive) so you can play and record your music directly into the card for storage and playback which is helpful for piano practice. You can connect to a computer from the USB 2.0 port for instant plug & play with interactive computer software and even connecting to the latest Apple iPad...very cool. It looks like Casio has really done a good job with this model and I do recommend it.

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