Casio AP620, AP420 Pianos & Apple iPad/iPad2 - Announcement! Casio Pianos now have full USB MIDI connectivity with Apple iPad CoreMIDI applications

AZ Piano News - PRESS RELEASE - December 14th, 2012 - Owners of the popular Casio digital pianos can now interface directly with the new Apple iPad because Casio designed its new digital pianos to have CoreMIDI USB Class Compliant software. This will enable the piano student, recreational piano player, or musician to interface more easily and utilize the incredible array of Apple software 3rd party software that has been created for apple computer devices including the famous iPad. As far as I know (at the moment), no other home digital cabinet piano brand under $2000 has this quicker and more user friendly connection capability. This means that you can directly connect your Casio piano to the iPad using the the "Class Compliant" USB MIDI connection on these Casio pianos and connect directly to the iPad with a regular USB cable going to the iPad "Camera Connection Kit." You can then connect the iPad stereo audio output to the Casio stereo inputs (few pianos under $2000 except for Casio have stereo audio inputs) with an inexpensive audio cable to hear the music you are creating, composing, or learning on from the iPad. In short, an owner of a new Casio piano has easy access to the beautiful iPad user interface screen and all of the very exciting music software (including the world famous "Garage Band" software program that can be used on the iPad for music education and practice at home as well as full studio recording and music creation. You will now be interfacing and connecting with almost unlimited ways of writing music, seeing music, printing music, music education, and music creation on the portable iPad device all at home on your Casio Privia piano.

This is a huge deal for the Casio Piano company as well as the digital piano business in general. iPads will be to kids as (they grow up) what laptop computers are now to adults. Kids are growing up in the "iPad world" and as such take these things for granted and treat them as just every day common items that adults otherwise think are so fantastic. Adults have experiences and history with previous technology which younger kids do not so much. If you want your kids (and yourself as adults) to have an even more exciting time and worthwhile time with piano education and musicianship in general and be able to compete musically in tomorrow's world, then these newer Casio pianos might be the way to go.  It's just a matter of time before other digital pianos companies are able to connect with an iPad in this way where they are "plug & play," but right now Casio is in the lead. So congratulations goes out to Casio for making this happen.

Do a Google search (including Youtube videos) of the various music software now available for iPad including music notation, educational software (such as eMedia piano interactive lesson program, left pic) and the Apple "Garage Band" software, and you'll see what I mean when I say "exciting things" can happen with your music when connecting a digital USB piano with iPad. A USB connection on any good digital piano is all it takes to connect to computers and iPad/tablets, but the Casio pianos can do it more quickly and efficiently with CoreMIDI USB Compliant.

Here is a good example of a new Casio piano that would be a good choice to own and connect with an iPad: Casio PX850 Review

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