LOWEST PRICES on NEW DIGITAL PIANOS - Yamaha CVP609, CVP605, CVP601, CVP501, CLP430, CLP440, CLP470, CLP480, YDPV240, YDP181 - Roland HP507, HP505, HP503 , LX15 - Casio PX850, PX780, AP250 - Kawai CA65, Kawai CA95, Kawai CN34, CE220, MP6, MP10 - Kurzweil MP10, CUP2 and more. BUY FOR LESS

UPDATE - April 1, 2013 - LOWEST PRICES on NEW DIGITAL PIANOS - If you are shopping for free advice & the lowest prices on new digital pianos, then read this. I highly recommend many of the new digital pianos on the market today because they can give you a satisfying piano playing experience and are fun to play. In fact, some of the models are so good you may have a difficult time telling them apart from real acoustic grand and upright pianos. The advantages of digital pianos over acoustic pianos can be significant including being able to play & practice in privacy using stereo headphones, never having to tune a digital piano as they have permanent tuning (saves hundreds and thousands of dollars over the life a piano), the piano is easier to move because of its lighter weight, you can connect most digital pianos to a computer or iPad for interaction with music education and performance software (which allows for better in-home practice), taking lessons on-line, and music creation & notation with sheet music programs. Beyond all of this, many digital pianos can allow for good reproduction of grand and upright piano technique for those that take their piano playing seriously.

As with all retail products, shoppers want to get the 'best possible price' or 'best value' when deciding on which piano is best for them. I am happy to help you and can show you how to get even LOWER PRICES than what is on the internet or at local stores on many new digital piano models. Whether it's the popular Yamaha Clavinova models, the popular Casio Privia models, the famous Roland HP, or LX models, the beautiful Kawai CA, CN, or CP series, or even the new Kurzweil MP or CUP models, I can point you in the right direction for the lowest prices available. Just be sure to contact me before you make a purchase to be sure you are getting the lowest possible price out there.

My primary business is my studio lessons, piano consultations, and just helping people find good, solid info on pianos and prices through my blogsite. Music is my passion and I have been involved as a professional musician, teacher, composer, arranger, and consultant for over 40 years and work with people all over the United States and the world. My goal is to see people of all ages get into music and playing an instrument because I feel it's so important in adding to a person's well being and growth. Doing that on any of the brands and models I have listed here would be a good thing so do yourself a favor and contact me directly for free buying advice so that you can make the right piano decision.

My email is tim@azpianowholesale.com or call 602-571-1864.

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