REVIEW - Adagio GDP8820 & MGP100 Digital Grand Pianos - NOT Recommended

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UPDATED REVIEW - November 29, 2012 - I DO NOT recommend the Adagio GDP8820 & MGP100 Digital Baby Grand Pianos. Please read below to see why.
Owning, playing, or listening to a good quality Baby Grand or full Grand Piano has always been a very satisfying musical experience. There is something very special and even "magical" about seeing a Grand piano in a person's home or on stage. In the world of digital pianos, various manufacturers are producing digital pianos in the smaller baby grand or micro grand cabinets and some of them are impressive and some are not. Generally speaking, most of the digital grands look good on the outside, but it's what's "under the hood" that really counts. This includes actual cabinet construction, the type of finish applied to the exterior, how the key action moves and feels, the dynamics and response of the piano sound, and the overall sounds and  other digital features of the instrument.

Adagio GDP8820
There are basically two price categories of digital Baby Grands; under $3000 and over $3000. Unfortunately I not have found or ever played a new digital grand piano advertised for under $3000 that is worth owning and this would include the smaller size Adagio GDP8820 4'1" digital baby grand & the Adagio MGP100 3'3" micro baby grand (also known as MDG1000 - same exact piano). The Adagio pianos are distributed by the Kaysound company located in Canada and the pianos are made in China. The Kaysound company does not make pianos and the Adagio name is a made-up name put on these pianos. Adagio pianos are primarily sold through Costco & Sam's Club as well as a couple of other on-line stores.

Adagio MGP100
The Adagio GDP8820 is really a baby grand piano shaped version of the Adagio KDP8826 small upright digital piano ($999 at Costco) which I have reviewed in an earlier blog Adagio KDP8826 Review. The MGP100 micro grand is really a baby grand shaped version of their Adagio KDP88 small console digital piano ($499 at Costco) which has just 8 sounds and is a basic digital piano in a nice cabinet but has a very poor key action & piano response.
Unfortunately I have not played or heard an Adagio piano that I liked. In fact, these pianos have such poor key actions and poor piano response dynamics & expression that I advise people to stay away from them if they want a satisfying piano playing and/or learning experience. Although the cabinets may be attractive to look at (and they are), and some of the digital/electronic functions may seem cool, the "inside" of the piano is definitely not something I recommend at any price. If you think I may be a bit too harsh in my observations of these pianos then take a look below at the reviews actual owners of these pianos have written on-line. These are direct quotes from unhappy Adagio digital piano owners.

Adagio GDP8820 digital grand piano consumer reviews taken from Costco website:
Date:November 15, 2011    
Pros: cheap for piano furniture
Cons: horrible sound compared to other dp, quality control in the cabinent
"If this unit is meant for show and not really for play it does beat something that is likely 10 times the price.. however that's just the shell. The keyactions and the overal sound if you are any kind of interest in piano will be subpar for something that is 1/4 the price. If you know you will use this as furniture great, but don't expect a nice sound especially when even compared to the casio's never mind yamaha or rolland."
Date:September 26, 2011
Pros: gorgous looking, compact size
Cons: no quality in sounds
"All depends what you are looking for .My purpose of purchase this product was for my teen kids piano lesson , It needed decent quality piano specialty it needed dynamic "weighted hammer-action keys" . This piano look gorgeous and loved the size , BUT there was no quality sounds nor not enough weighted hammer action that we needed , . This product wasn't for what we needed , I end up purchase used piano for less money and I re- realized that nothing can beat real piano ."

Adagio KDP88/MGP100 console piano (the MGP100 micro grand has the same key action, dynamics, response, and features as the KDP88 console piano) There were not available reviews on the MGP100 micro grand but the two pianos are the same and therefore reviews should be equal.
Date:January 24, 2012
Pros: great price
Cons: poor sound quality, touch sensitivity
"My daughter of 5 year-old is just beginning taking piano lessons. She has been practicing on a electronic keyboard at home. Since she shows good interests and enjoys her practices, we decided to get her a digital piano that doesn't cost too much but offers weighted keys and touch sensitivity.
The piano arrived in just 3 days after we placed the order online with Costco. The assembly was as easy as 1-2-3, however, as soon as we powered on the piano, we heard a zzzzzzzzzzzzz sound. We tried adjust the volume but the only time you won't hear the noise is when it is power off. That was the number 1 turn down.
Number 2 turn down is it's sound quality. the sound quality is not too much better than our electronic keyboard. You could even hear the knocking of the keys when you're playing high pitch keys with normal pressure.
Number 3 turn down is the touch sensitivity. with same pressure, it could be louder this time but softer another time. A more experience pianist could probably handle it better than a beginner especially when the beginner is very young.
We are returning it."

Date:January 29, 2012
Pros: looks
Cons: no key cover, key noise
"Bought this for my daughter who is a beginner. Based on the reviews I thought this would be a great starter piano for her. Looks good, has some neat features but the key noise is very loud. I actually think that the overall piano sound is okay, but the keys make a thump when you press them down (which I understand most digital pianos do) but when it comes back up it sort of vibrates and recoils??....
I have tried to play it myself and it really drowns out the tone of the notes, very distracting. Returning it.

Date:November 28, 2011
Pros: cheap price, nice looking piano
Cons: terrible sound quality, 8 varying sounds
"I returned a piano at costco and bought this new one from them as well. Unfortunately, I'm much happier with the one I returned, even though it's 6 years old. It was a yamaha 88 key digital keyboard similar to this one, but had many more features and FAR BETTER sound quality. This doesn't even sound like a piano, way too fake of a sound. I will be returning asap and purchasing a different type."

Date:February 27, 2012 
Not impressed - 
"Not too impressed by this product. The constant humming sound even when it is up on half volume along with the sound of keys when pressed while playing forte adds 'noise' to the overall performance."


Kohler KD5
There are also some positive (good) consumer reviews of these pianos out there, but as I have said in my other blogs many times concerning those good reviews, "ignorance is bliss" and "what you don't know won't hurt you." There will always be inexperienced people (families) who just don't understand what pianos really should sound like or how the key actions should really feel or respond and they will unknowingly say they are happy with their purchase...and that is OK (I suppose)...for them. But I would never recommend these pianos to any of my students, family, friends, or even people who aren't friends:) The negative reviews that I have cited here do, in my opinion (for the most part), accurately describe how these Adagio pianos play and sound. Perhaps one day in the future the Adagio brand of pianos will be improved enough to be a worthwhile consideration, but not for now. So do yourself a favor and pass on these pianos and opt for something else that not only looks good, but also plays and sounds good. A few lower price digital baby grand pianos between $3000-$5000 that I would recommend are the Yamaha CLP465GP, the Kohler KD5, and the Samick SG110, 310, and 450. I have written blog reviews on these pianos and my favorite digital grand right now in the lower price range is the impressive 5' deep Kohler KD5 for its new lower price, so check it out as soon as you can at the links below:Kohler KD5 digital grand review
Yamaha CLP465GP Review
Samick SG110, SG310, SG450

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