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Looking for digital piano reviews on facebook and other on-line sites? THE BEST DIGITAL PIANO REVIEWS ARE ACTUALLY HERE ON AZ PIANO NEWS! It's sometimes very difficult to find honest, detailed, and unbiased digital piano reviews & info on the internet. My name is Tim Praskins I am an independent piano teacher & long time musician having played nearly every digital piano out there for the last 40 years including the most current models out today. If you are seeking good advice on what digital piano to buy, where to buy it, what to look for, what to avoid, and what new digital piano will be best for you and/or your family, then contact me directly and I will give you FREE advice. I am not a salesperson, I don't have a store or warehouse, and I'm not employed by any piano manufacturer or dealer.

I teach all kinds of instruments including piano, keyboard, all kinds of guitars, jazz, pop, & church organ, private and group lessons, and I play and record my music using the latest technology. I understand what digital pianos need to do in the way of properly reproducing the right expression, dynamics, tone, key action, response, pedaling, and digital features that can enhance the playing and learning experience. I can also give advice (in the US market) on whether you would be paying too much or getting a great deal when it comes to actually purchasing a new digital piano including Roland, Yamaha, Kawai, Casio, Samick, Korg, Kohler, Orla, Adagio, Suzuki, Kurzweil, Williams, or other digital piano brands.

When looking around the internet at facebook, various small blogs, review sites by people who don't identify themselves or have little experience or real knowledge, at dealers and/or stores that would try to convince you that the brands they carry are perfect and all the rest are bad (like the guy in the left pic - fortunately they're not all that way), or eBay and/or Amazon consumer reviews where many people who bought pianos really don't know what they're talking about when giving a personal review of a piano they bought, shoppers generally just get confused and don't know who to turn to. That's why I do what I help you, and at no charge. I can also tell you how to get all kinds of new digital pianos at prices lower than internet & store discounts.

You may email me direct at no matter where you live, or call me on the phone (US only) Monday through Saturday from 11am-7pm PST at 602-571-1864. Due to my busy schedule I can not always take the call but you are welcome to leave a message and I can return the call.


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