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UPDATED - May 4, 2013 - The BEST Digital Piano REVIEWS are HERE! My name is Tim Praskins and I am an Independent Piano, Keyboard & Guitar Teacher, long time Pro Musician who has played hundreds of different digital pianos & keyboards, and expert piano consultant to the PUBLIC. I talk about piano stuff you may find interesting, including piano lessons, music technology, new & used pianos, & do in-depth REVIEWS of many Digital Pianos. Although I am based out of Arizona (where the Grand Canyon is), I'LL BE HAPPY TO PERSONALLY HELP YOU FOR FREE NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE (only email inquiries from outside US).

Please click on the links or use the search bar on the right side of this blog to look for more digital piano reviews, because there are lots of them. Just put in the brand and/or model number of the digital piano you're searching for, and if you don't see it, I continue to add new reviews all the time. can contact me directly. Also, please don't purchase a piano without contacting me first! I can help you get digital pianos for LESS MONEY than internet pricing, special sales, or local piano stores (US only) and you can be sure you'll get the right one.

You may email me at or call me direct at 602-571-1864 (only email inquiries from outside US)
**Please note that all my reviews are independent of any others on the internet and are done with great research, time, energy, and personal experience with each instrument. There are some individuals on-line who claim to be digital piano reviewers but know little about digital pianos (they say things that just are not true) and simply want to get paid a commission by linking you to a web site (like Amazon) that sells digital pianos. If you see something like that, then I would advise you to stay away. I do not endorse or support those people, blogs, websites, or twitter accounts that would try to take advantage of you! I write my blog primarily for the love of music and to help you and/or your family make the correct piano buying decision. And if you are looking to purchase a good piano for your yourself, your spouse, or your children, then you are giving a gift that will keep on giving:) Also, when you own a good digital piano that can help you learn and play better through its built-in digital technology, you will likely enjoy the piano experience even more...and it's really all about experiencing the joy of music in a personal way. Playing & listening to music can move the "inner soul" in ways that are amazing and I encourage everyone to play the piano because it's something you'll never regret!

If you want more piano info and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts or store prices, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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