Casio Digital Pianos - REVIEW of Casio Company History, Products, & Achievements

Casio Digital Pianos - REVIEW of Casio company history - Very Interesting

I have been using Casio music products for well over 30 years both for home use and professionally. I've always considered Casio to be a good company with regard to some of their products I have owned, but really didn't know how extensively they were involved in high tech consumer and business products. Most people know the name Casio, especially when it comes to personal electronics like calculators, keyboards, and watches, but are not necessarily as familiar with some of the other things they do.

Casio PX850 digital piano
Casio does not produce acoustic upright & grand pianos like Yamaha & Kawai nor does Casio produce high price digital pianos. Because of this, many people have not taken the Casio company very seriously over the years when it come to higher quality music products, but all of that seems to changing now with Casio's newest and best digital pianos for 2013. I have talked about their new digital pianos in this blog detailing a number of specific models for you to read about. However, if you want to learn how the Casio company got its start and the many interesting and impressive products they have created over the years, see the info below and click on the many links to get more info. Also, I will be doing some in-depth history on other digital piano companies in the upcoming months including Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland.

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