REVIEW - Roland CPF130 Digital Piano at Costco - Recommended

UPDATED REVIEW - June 1, 2015 - Roland CPF130 Digital Piano at Costco - Recommended - The Roland CPF130 digital piano in satin black ($1399US Costco regular price) is a 2015 compact model sold only through the Costco web site (here in the US). It is currently on sale at Costco right now for just $1199US plus state sales tax (for those states with sales tax) and includes some free accessories along with a matching bench, which makes this purchase a very good deal. However, I can help you get one for even less money than the Costco sale price if you keep reading.  

Costco has been offering a variety of digital pianos on their web site for many years and this model is one of the best they have offered to date in the lower price range. What makes this new piano unique is a number of things including being manufactured by a Roland who is a well known and respected digital piano company, the piano has a compact size that puts out a convincing piano sound, and it has the latest digital piano technology including wav file audio playback, interactive accompaniment backing tracks, and lots of unique connectivity including iPad wireless control that allows the user to easily control the main functions of the piano from their iPad touch screen. All of these features make the Roland CPF130 a very compelling instrument to purchase for beginner through intermediate piano players and anyone in-between. 

The Roland company also markets the CPF130 under another name for mainstream internet music dealers and local piano stores and that model is called the F130R and sells for $1299 internet discount price. It is the more popular version and is the identical piano to the Costco CFP130 with the exception that the F130R does not automatically come with a bench, WiFi adapter & headphones, although some on-line music dealers do include some extra accessories at the $1299 internet price. I have played the F130R many times and like it very much. Although there are other good digital piano choices in this price range including Casio, Yamaha, and Kawai, the Roland CFP130/F130R is a great choice for those people looking for a small compact profile, low priced digital piano with realistic piano key action and full dynamic range, convincing acoustic piano sound, pedaling realism, and lots of very cool built-in digital technology with a large library of additional instrument sounds.

I have done an extensive review of the new 2015 model Roland F130R at the link below, so I would recommend you read that review completely and then you will know more about the Costco CPF130 which is the exact same piano in terms of the electronic features, speakers system, and buttons. Both pianos have the same key action, same piano sound, same functions, same cabinet design, and the big difference is that Costco has its own model number for this piano. Sometimes there are distinct differences between Costco pianos and the general market versions such as the Roland RP400 (at Costco) vs the RP401R. Those two pianos are not the same. But in the case of the CPF130 and F130R, they are the same with the distinct exception that the F130R version is also available in a satin white finish ($1299US internet discount price) which is quite attractive, whereas the Costco model is only available in the satin black finish. It can get a bit confusing to try and figure this all out to know what you're really getting, but that's why I am here:). Before you purchase any piano anywhere, please contact me first and I can give you good piano shopping advice as well as show you how to save even more money over the best Amazon, Costco, and internet sale prices and bundles that are available including additional and higher quality accessories. Please read my review on the Roland F130R. Roland RP130R Review

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  1. Could you tell me the difference between Roland RP-400 and CPF-130