UPDATED - May 14, 2015 Report - New Digital Pianos Delayed! - West Coast Dock Workers Dispute Comes To An End - However there is still a Big Slowdown of Retail & Wholesale Product of all types to US stores, warehouses, farms, and thousands of businesses.  The delay in unloading containers off waiting ships is still some weeks away, so there is still a wait on product like digital pianos to arrive to the digital piano manufacturer warehouses in the US.

If you discover or have discovered that your favorite new product (electronics, clothing, vehicles, building materials, toys, games, pianos, etc, etc) food, services, or other retail or business items are not available right now and/or have been back-ordered for for many weeks, you are not alone. One of the worst west coast dockworkers slowdown in quite awhile had recently severely hindered large ships, tankers, and other supply vessels coming in from China and other manufacturing countries from docking and unloading their cargo at many ports on the entire west coast of the US. The pileup of ships outside the ports were so severe that the vessels were waiting for days and were miles away from the ports with nowhere else to go.

Most digital & acoustic pianos are manufactured overseas and and availability is still affected by lingering delays from the dock strike even though it has been over for some weeks now. When the product does make it to their US destination warehouse, store, or other facility, there may only be a fraction of what was originally ordered. So if you find yourself wondering why there are many new models of popular digital pianos that are not available right now and you are having a difficult time finding some of them in the US, this is the primary reason. There are always other reasons such as the particular item is simply very popular and they sell out or become unavailable quickly on a normal basis, but this freight unloading delay is still a problem.

If you have something on order, like a new digital pianos, and you really want one, you're just going to have to be very patient because you'll eventually get it...but you'll have to wait. Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai are just a few of the notable brands that have their main US corporate headquarters and warehouse in Southern California where some of the worst dock unloading delays are still taking place.
Other shipping ports in other parts of the US are not affected so at least there is a freer flow of incoming product to other US ports. But California is a very big pace with a lot of coastline and ports so this situation is not a small thing. Another downside of this product shortage situation is pricing to consumers. You may not get that extra big discount right now on something you want that is in high demand and out of stock and may be paying a premium just to get one once they come in because of the big backlog. My advice is...if you want a new digital piano and can afford it in your price range, buy it before someone else does because everyone will be in the same boat...haha! Stay tuned for further updates.

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