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AMAZON DIGITAL PIANO REVIEWS - Can you trust them? The answer is Yes & No - Many people these days want to seek out reviews of products & services they are seeking to purchase. There are many places to find reviews of these things (including this blogsite for digital pianos) but the problem with reviews by many, if not most of these people is that they really don't have a good perspective or experience on what makes for a good or bad product regardless of what you may read in the reviews. It seems that the most popular place to look for reviews is on Amazon. Shoppers (just like you & me) like to get other people's opinion on their experiences with the product or service. The the shopper thinks they can make a more informed decision on what they're looking for. BUT...can you TRUST individual owner experiences when trying to make a buying decision? My answer would really should not trust any of them because based on my 40 plus years of experience with digital pianos in playing them, using them, analyzing them, teaching piano on them, and even advising digital piano manufacturers over the years on how to design some of their features, the Amazon reviews that you read are mostly so skewed and so uninformed that I almost can't believe it!

I have read hundreds of these "so-called" reviews and see things that people say that just are not true along with the reviewer/user's expectations on a product that in many cases are way overblown. Yes, there are a few fairly accurate user experiences and comments on product and services that I have read, and I do see that occasionally. But they are mixed in with the many other uninformed and misleading reviews from so many other people. Some of the reviews are also FAKE and it's difficult to tell the real ones apart from the fake ones for a lot of people so you REALLY have to be careful!

As an example: lets say that you are looking for a digital piano that is lightweight (perhaps portable), can be connected to a stand and have 3 pedals, has lots of cool instrument sounds and functions along with recording features that also has a reasonably good piano sound, piano key action, and pedaling, and you want it all for around $700-$1000. What would be a good choice? Some people would say that 25lbs is light weight, others would say that is much too heavy and would complain about the 25lbs, and yet others would say that 50lbs is lightweight, and so on. When it comes to the many instrument sounds on these digital pianos, some people will say that are unrealistic and disappointing, others would say that those sounds are great and fun to play. On key action some might say it's too noisy, too stiff, too light, not responsive, etc. With piano sound some reviews might say that the piano sound is too bright, too mellow, too this and too that...and all of these comments are on the same piano! Then others may say the service is poor, the service is good, the piano makes funny sounds, the piano works perfect, etc. Then others would say that the piano is too expensive, or it's a great deal and a low price, and yet both prices were the same...and all of this is about the same exact model. So who do you believe and how can you discern what is really true about the digital piano model you're reading about?

The best way to do that is to do your reading, do your research, and then contact me! I am passionate about music, about teaching piano, about making sure that people will enjoy the piano they want to purchase, and that they will get a good low price. I will give you FREE advice and help you better understand what these "so-called" reviews are really saying and dispel much of the confusion or uncertainty that people have when it comes to making the right digital piano buying decision. If you live in the US then all you have to do is call or email me with your questions and I will be happy to help you for (piano) strings attached:). I will even show you how you can buy any of these new digital pianos for less money than Amazon discounts or other internet sites. Don't make a mistake and buy the wrong one or spend more money than you have to. Contact me BEFORE you make a purchase on AMAZON or anywhere!

If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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