DIGITAL PIANOS - Used, floor model, pre-owned - Are they good?


Digital Pianos used & recertified
Damaged digital piano
2019 - Should you buy a digital piano from an on-line/internet dealer if it is not new? The simple answer is NO!...unless you want to take a chance with cabinet damage. After many years of buying and owning lots digital pianos and keyboards I can tell you first hand that my personal experience has not been good with product that was called "recertified," used but in new condition," "floor sample, "preowned," "reconditioned," etc. Generally speaking, these items may or may not be electronically functional (you cannot know for sure) but even if they are perfectly functional which is likely, it's the cabinet that normally has the issues with damage to it one way or the other....and that has been my experience with these things. This type of damage is usually caused by the pianos being originally shipped to the dealer or first shipping address, unboxed and handled, assembled, being possibly bumped in some way, being disassembled and handled again, being reboxed, and then being shipped to another address, and possibly shipped or moved again, and then shipped to you. 

That's quite a bit of shipping and handling among other things and all that handling is what creates the problems...seen and unseen. Even if there still is a manufacturer warranty on that "used piano" I can tell you that it can be a very big hassle and headache in trying to get service and parts for some of these pianos (if they need work or repair in some way) including some of the newer models. Also the "down time" in waiting to get the piano repaired (if it can be) could be very frustrating...sometimes it can take weeks and months...I have personally experienced this and it definitely happens. It may not happen at all, but it definitely can and does.

Digital Pianos used & recertified
damaged box
There is a lot that can go wrong under these conditions and unless the discount price on that used/display model is extremely significant (at least 50% off current ad price for a new one in my opinion), I always recommend to pay just a bit more because it will be worth it in the long run and you won't need to worry about damage or unseen abuse to the box or cabinet structure. There is also the possibility that there could be intermittent electronic problems with that used instrument which were not previously seen or noticed. Finally, the actual big savings that I am able to help people get on brand new models in the box is so good that the difference in price between the used, re-certified, floor sample, etc and a new one is so small that you'll likely want the new one for the lower price. Please contact me first before you buy anything from anyone in the US and I an give you helpful advice before you make a buying decision. 

* click on the following link for important info on used digital piano electronic & parts problems: Used Digital Piano Problems

If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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