REVIEW - Roland FP25 Digital Piano at Costco - Recommended - low price

REVIEW - Roland FP25 digital piano at Costco - Recommended - The Roland company has many models of digital pianos on the market which are popular and they go up in price to well over $10,000. A few of the lower priced models are carried at Costco US and they are the same as the mainstream Roland models in many ways, although they have different model numbers. The new FP25 ($799US incl stand & pedals & headphones) is actually a portable digital piano but Costco includes a Roland furniture style stand and triple pedal unit. The FP25 is the identical piano to the Roland FP30 ($699US without stand & pedals & headphones) which sells in the mainstream retail market and on Amazon. I have done a very detailed review of the FP30 which came out at the beginning of 2016. So everything you need to know about the FP25 at Costco is in my FP30 review. Please read this review at the following link after you are done reading my comments in this FP25 post: Roland FP30 Review

As I said, the new FP25 at Costco is identical to the FP30, but with one exception...the FP30 has a couple of Bluetooth wireless functions for connecting to iPad & Android devices, and the FP25 does not. You can connect from the FP25 to external devices but you would just use a USB cable and special connector for the device to connect with your piano, and then you can use many apps. But this is also true with most all digital pianos that allow you to connect to an external device with a USB/MIDI cable. Also the Roland FP25 includes the normally optional furniture style stand and triple pedal-bar whereas the FP30 does not. You would need to purchase those accessories at an extra cost which would bring the price of the FP30 with stand, pedals, & headphones (the headphones are basic cheap headphones) above $799. However, for nearly all states in the US you would also need to pay local/state sales tax on Costco purchases which would then bring the price back up to being the same as buying the FP30 on-line at a variety of Roland internet dealer stores.

Although I do like the new Roland FP25/FP30, you really are not saving money on the FP25 over buying the FP30 version on-line at a regular Roland internet store. Also, there are other very popular digital piano models in this price range that may even be a better purchase than the FP25 depending on your musical goals and what you would like out of a digital piano. Two of those pianos are the Kawai ES100 ($699US without stand & triple pedal) and the Casio CGP700 ($799 with stand but no triple pedal). Most people who play piano, especially beginners, do not need the triple pedal unit. A single sustain pedal is normally more than enough to play piano and single pedals do come with the other digital pianos at no charge. Take a look at my reviews of the Kawai ES100 and Casio CGP700, and FP30 at the following links:

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