REVIEW of ROLAND FP90 - 2017 Digital Piano

picture of Roland FP90
REVIEW: Roland FP90 digital piano - Recommended - Roland has completely remodeled and revamped this top FP model from all previous generations with an all new key action, piano sound chip, pedaling, and control panel. You name it and Roland has changed it and most of these changes are noticeable improvements. This top of the line self-contained model is great for professional, intermediate, and piano students who want portability but also a high quality piano playing experience at a very reasonable price point under $ just $1799US not including optional furniture stand and triple pedal unit. The new FP90 replaces the previous and popular FP80 which is now discontinued. I personally examine and play all digital pianos that I write about (which are hundreds of them) and have over 40 years of experieince playing piano, teaching piano, writing and arranging music, and closely examining just about every major digital piano ever made, so I know what I am talking about. I have written a very extensive and detailed review of this new FP90 model so you can know all about it. Please read it at the following link before you make any buying decisions: Roland FP90 Review

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