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🎹 AZ Piano Reviews - the #1 Most Trusted Digital Review Site in the world and we have thousands of satisfied shoppers who have told us that. With over 40 years of "hands on" playing experience on every new and old digital piano in the US including Roland Casio, Kawai, Yamaha, Kurzweil, Korg, Dexibell, Gem, Artesia, Samick, Suzuki, Williams, Technics, and many others, we know what we are talking about when others do not! My name is Tim Praskins and I don't "make things up" and then link you to Amazon to buy inferior product or the wrong piano for your needs. My blogsite, AZ Piano Reviews, gives you detailed, comprehensive, and honest reviews that you can count on to make the right buying decision and all reviews are done organically with real information based on our personal playing experience with those pianos.

AZ Piano Reviews can also help you purchase and order a new top name Digital Piano for even LESS MONEY than Amazon, internet, and store discount prices including bundles, sales, floor models, etc with full factory warranties direct from manufacturer. All you have to do is call us with the best price you received from those site ads and we (Tim and my son Erik) can likely help you buy it for LESS money, including free shipping, no tax on most items.

When shopping for a good digital piano in the lower price ranges below $2000, it can be difficult to make good buying decisions because the major brands pretty much all make good digital pianos that seem to offer a lot of great features. But...there are still significant differences among those brands and models that are important to understand and we can help you understand them in a way where you can make a more informed buying decision rather than relying on "fake reviews" that link you to Amazon on every digital piano regardless whether those pianos are good or bad, and regardless of whether those pianos are right for your don't be fooled.

Also, when shopping for a good digital piano in the higher price ranges above $2000, it can be even more difficult to make good buying decisions because the major brands all  make very good digital pianos that seem to offer a lot of great features & functions. But...there are still major differences among those brands and models that are more important to understand because you are spending a lot more money and should not do so until you know what you are actually getting...or not getting.  There are fewer reviews on those "store only" models because most of them cannot be purchased on-line from Amazon and other general music dealers. The higher priced models are usually only in local piano stores where you would need to physically go in there to try them and buy them. Although very few people outside of the local stores have played these higher priced pianos, I have played all of them and can help you understand those pianos in a way few other people can. Also, when you walk into one of those local stores, they generally will say only good things about their digital piano brand and negative things about their "competition."

Since we don't have a store or an obligation to a piano manufacturer, we don't have to do things because we are obligated to someone or some company and have to do what they want. We can be neutral and objective and help you make a more informed buying decision rather than relying on "salespeople" that push their brand or what makes them the most money whether those pianos are right for your needs or don't be fooled.

So why do we do all this for you. Well the honest answer is my passion and I have taught it and played it all of my adult life and well before I got into high school. I have played in small bands at famous local venues, played solo "gigs," played piano in churches, weddings, written, arranged, and recorded music with folks in Nashville, and also play and teach acoustic piano, digital piano, every kind of guitar, synthesizers of all makes and models, and organs...pop/jazz organ (Hammond B3's), pipe organ, theatre organ, keyboard organ, etc. So when it comes to music and how it makes me feel, there is just about nothing better...except for my family:). That's why I do this blog and am in contact with thousands of people around the world...because I want to help them get the best musical enjoyment possible for them and/or their family, school, church, etc.

Because of my many years in the music business I have made close personal relationships direct with all of the top digital piano manufacturers and distributors and am able to help you order new digital pianos for less money than the going discount rate for on-line or in-store purchases of new pianos. So before you spend your hard earned money, please contact me and my son Erik Praskins, who is also a knowledgeable digital piano guy and is a great help to me, and then allow us to help you. There is no costs and no obligation when you contact us and we will speak with you by phone if you are in the US. Thank you.

If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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