REPORT - 5 Top Ways Music Affects Development in Children

Five Important Ways Music Affects Development in Children 

*Quote below and Article from Music Author, Piano-Guitar-Organ-Synth Teacher, Song Writer, Pro Musician, and Digital Piano Consultant to famous piano brands…Mr. Tim Praskins.

“Make sure your young children learn a 2nd language in 2018. No, not Spanish, not Japanese, not French, it's not any of's the language of MUSIC. If your child learns to read it, write it, and/or play it, they will have a life that opens up doors to a world of incredible experiences which will last a lifetime. Good MUSIC will also enable their minds to grow and develop in ways like few other things can.'s a language that will change their world. Don't let your kids miss out..."

1. It is well known that a baby in the womb can hear sounds before birth whether they be voices from the parents, siblings, but especially music. Those sounds have a profound impact on the baby’s nervous system and hearing. If the sounds the baby is hearing are soothing and relaxing then the baby’s brain and physical functions will develop in a way that will allow the brain to respond to outside stimulus in a more positive and productive way. Good music, especially classical music has been shown by experts to help the brains of babies in the womb become smarter, more responsive, and react more calmly to stressful situations during the Mother’s pregnancy.

2. After the baby is born and begins to grow, the stimulus of good music that is rich and complex in nature will continue to help the brain and physiological systems in the baby’s body to form in a strong, positive way that will also allow the baby’s behavior to develop so that the baby is better equipped to handle the busy world around them. A baby’s senses are developing throughout their early stages of life so they will learn to be more sensitive to hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting objects around them. Music is all about hearing and hearing music triggers physical and mental reactions that can either be good or bad. Having the wrong type of music being heard by a baby can cause the baby to be nervous, afraid of things, depressed, and can make them lose their appetite for eating and also cause them to lose sleep. Their health can be negatively affected by bad music and loud music, so not all music is good for a baby.

3. As a baby grows up and becomes a child who can walk & talk and go to school, good music can help the child become smarter with academics and give them the ability to better handle and understand school work, mathematics, science, comprehension, and other things that music can influence in a child’s life.  There are many types of musical instruments that can have a positive effect on a human being depending on if they hear them or play them, and not all instruments produce good results in a person when it comes to their mental or physical health. Classical music is most recognized when played on a piano, harp, classical guitar, violin, or harpsichord and some of the greatest composers in the world and especially in Europe played those instruments and wrote their music using those instruments. Today one of the ways people are generating new music to increase the health benefits of people around the world is by using digital pianos to play and record their music. This is because digital pianos are easier to record than acoustic instruments so that the music can be heard and reproduced more easily and the actual musical notes can be instantly generated on a computer as sheet music from playing a digital piano and that sheet music will then allow other people to read the same music and play the same song and this is a great thing for children to have access to.

4. For a child, learning to play music on a musical instrument, regardless of whether it’s a piano, violin, etc, and actively participating that way has an even deeper impact on human biology and physiology. This is because the body and mind are engaging together in the learning & playing of music and when the person involved in this activity learns to play music so that the song actually sounds good, then that person experiences a rush of pleasure and satisfaction that will have a profound impact on the soul of that person. In other words, the health of that person who is experiencing 1st hand the pleasure of playing music has been shown by mental health experts to increase a person’s resistance to sickness of the body and mind along with stimulating the body’s brain neurons to work at a higher level. Listening to good music on a regular basis does similar things to the body but playing music on a musical instrument takes it even further to another level. Over the centuries in various parts of the world, men and women who actively and regularly participate in music that means a lot to them can live a longer, healthier life with less disease and sickness. It is true that people can still become unhealthy from other unexpected attacks on or in the body due to unavoidable health issues, but overall men and women, boys and girls can live healthier lives because music will impact their mind and body to help regulate and reduce their stress levels and increase their ability to resist attacks of germs.

5. Finally, listening, singing, dancing, and playing music while very young and continuing it for a lifetime will make people healthier in many ways. It is important that parents of younger children do whatever they can to give their children an opportunity to get actively involved in music, especially with learning to play a musical instrument which will increase their mental, physical, and spiritual health for their entire life and allow them to develop to their full potential and beyond because you have given them one of the most important treasures they can have in their life…MUSIC.

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