Dexibell VIVO Editor & X-Mure iOS apps

Dexibell H-series VIVO Editor and X-Mure iOS apps - Take a look at the photos below to see the various VIVO editor pages in the Dexibell controller app displayed on an iPad along with Dexibell X-Mure interactive style app displayed on an iPad. Theses features and different app controls work with Dexibell's VIVO series pianos and also controlled by piano foot pedals on the VIVO digital pianos. In my opinion these proprietary intuitive Dexibell iOS apps makes life so easy when it comes to using, operating, and having fun with the Dexibell VIVO Digital Pianos and playing music. You will notice different screen colors when you look at the pages. This is because you have user controllable color selections for these apps depending on what you like. When it comes to controlling the features that are in the H7 piano and all H series pianos, using the VIVO controller app takes any frustration out of using the buttons and smaller LCD screen on the H series pianos that may be more difficult for you to use. The bottom 9 screenshots show VIVO H7 controller app functions which can be controlled by your iPad touch screen. This includes the interactive visual selections of sounds, effects, volume, layers, splits, memories, mixer controls and volumes, etc. The top 4 screenshots shows the X-Mure interactive accompaniments and their controls for different musical styles that will play seamlessly on the H7 for a "one-man-band" playing experience which will add to your overall musical playing enjoyment. If you have not already done so, please go to the following link to read about the Dexibell H7 & H3 Digital Pianos: Dexibell H7 & H3 Review

- click on pics for larger views

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