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picture of Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges 🎹 UPDATED REVIEW - October 5, 2019 - TOP 3 BEST DIGITAL PIANOS for 2019! $500 to $1000, $1000 to $1500, $1500 to $2000, $2000 to $2500, $2500 to $3000, $3000 to $3500, $3500 to $4000, $4000 to $5000, $5000 to $6000, and Top 3 digital grand pianos. After years of reviewing new digital pianos and watching market and digital piano buying trends, especially in the USA along with talking with thousands of digital piano owners and shoppers, I can say with some authority based on my personal experience that there are definite top selling digital pianos out there in various prices ranges this year. This review and report is on the Top 3 Digital Pianos in America USA that are in a variety of price ranges and this review will give you important information on which new 2019 digital pianos you should seriously consider purchasing for yourself, depending on your budget and musical goals. Be aware there are a number of digital pianos out there with lots of "bells & whistles." While having a bunch of different features and functions can be useful and fun for picture of Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges some people, in this review and report I am mostly concentrating on digital pianos that focus more on the actual piano playing experience for authenticity and more organic realism as opposed to all the extra stuff that are on other models. However, there are a couple of pianos below which rank very high not only for offering a very good piano playing experience, but they also have many useful and enjoyable "bells & whistles" that I like very much, so they on this list too. This review is what I consider not only to be on the most popular instruments overall, but also how they rate for "the best bang for the buck" in every price range when it comes to a more authentic piano playing experience. The focus here is mostly on the furniture cabinet digital pianos, but there are a couple of portable models included here as well just because they do a better job in producing a great piano playing experience in their price rage than a competitive full furniture cabinet digital piano. In fact, if you want to keep the price very low towards the $500 range and a lightweight portable digital piano will fit your needs, definitely don't miss reading review about the brand new Casio PXS1000 linked on this page. It is a new concept in low priced portable digital pianos and definitely worth your consideration if it fits your criteria. But if you want a full size furniture cabinet digital piano then there are some really good ones out right now that I highly recommend you consider.

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Just to be clear, there are other nice options out there in terms of new digital pianos that are not on this list and I would consider them to be good choices as well and I can share that info with you if you ask me. However, there are only so many digital pianos that can fit into these lists of  "3," so just because you don't see one you may be interested in does not mean that it may not be a suitable choice for your needs. Also, it's good to be aware that there are other digital piano brands out there, especially in the USA, that are not acceptable and poorly made so you need to be careful of those digital pianos. The 7 acceptable brands right now are (in no particular order) Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Korg, Casio, Samick, and Dexibell and I can also help you with getting lower prices than internet, Amazon, or store prices so don't buy anything, anywhere until you check with me first!

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It's interesting to note that there is a unique category of digital pianos which are all about the "baby grand" style grand piano shaped instrument. Many piano shoppers and music enthusiasts love the look of a grand piano and in the world of digital pianos, some of the manufacturers do produce these types of products. There is a very small version called the "micro-grand" which measures approx 28" to 32" deep, then there is the small mini-grand which measures between 36" (3 feet) deep to about 45" deep, the regular size mini-grand which measures 48" (4 feet deep) to about 58" deep, and then finally the full size baby grand cabinet which measures approx 60" (5 feet) deep to 5'5" deep. Roland and Kawai are the only top manufacturers who produce a full size digital baby grand (5 feet deep and over), Yamaha and Samick are the only manufacturers who produce and regular size 4' deep mini baby grand, Roland & Yamaha are the only top manufacturers who produce a small mini baby grand, and Samick is the only top brand who produces a micro sized baby grand (2'6" deep). The "micro sized" cabinet design is pretty cool because it's still very attractive and for its small size it still sounds great and has lots of useful higher quality features too. The entire cabinet can fit into a small footprint in a room or home with limited space which is very compelling because there are a lot of smaller homes, apartments, or rooms that have limited options in terms of where the piano would go but yet people still want that "look" of a small baby grand along with big sound and great features. The Samick piano company definitely offers something in that way that the other big guys don't do. Check out my lists of baby grand digital pianos near the bottom of the Top 3 digital piano review list.

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Finally, the "off brands" out there that generally play and sound like toys or are very artificial in different ways are not ranked in this review because of their inability to sound and play like real pianos. I call these types of brands and/or models  a "PSO," otherwise known as a Piano Shaped Object. Please stay away from these PSO brands if you want a digital piano that will play more like a real piano, will last lots of years, and that you can enjoy without finally realizing one day that you made a big mistake with your purchase. Based on all my personal playing experience over many years with all these digital pianos, some of PSO's include the brands Williams, Suzuki, Artesia, Kurzweil, Adams, GEWA, and a few others.

- In these price ranges below for new digital pianos, in my opinion the TOP 3 best models in the USA for the most realistic piano playing experience in each price category at approx internet/store discount selling prices are as follows:

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $500 to $1000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Casio PX870 - At $999 internet discount price, the 2018-2019 Casio PX870 home digital piano offers the "biggest bang for the buck" in terms of a more realistic piano playing experience in a furniture style cabinet under $1000. It's equipped with 40 watts of stereo power going into 4 speakers along with built-in USB flash drive input for saving and loading songs. Casio has even developed a proprietary app for tablets so that a person can more easily and intuitively control the piano using the color touch screen of your iPad or Android tablet. Read my review of the Casio PX870 at the following link: Casio PX870 Review

2. Kawai ES110 - At $699 internet discount price, the Kawai ES110 is a portable digital piano which plays like a full furniture cabinet digital piano with regard to a more realistic piano playing experience. If you need a more furniture look for this model you can order optional furniture style legs and triple pedalbar assembly. Kawai has done an outstanding job in providing a big piano sound, expressive key action, and realistic pedal response in a lightweight cabinet that can go anywhere you want to take it. Find out more about this impressive model in my review at the following link: Kawai ES110 Review

3. Casio PXS3000 - At just $799 internet discount price this brand new portable digital piano makes the top 3 in this price range because it's the only name brand new "portable" digital piano that also works on batteries so that you can play it anywhere and has a smooth top all-digital touch surface with no mounted analog buttons at all. Beyond that, it is the lightest and most compact digital piano in its class and offers full multi-track MIDI recording and playback with LCD digital display screen, hundreds of great tones and functions with natural sounding acoustic pianos, and a new fast action balanced and graded-weighted piano key action. The new internal proprietary stereo speaker system is very impressive with big sound, especially for this model's small size and weight. I will soon have a detailed review of this new model and I have also heard that Casio is just about sold out of their first in-coming shipment of the PXS3000 with all the pre-orders that have come in. Until my review comes out, for more info on this new model please click on the following link that takes you to the Casio web site to learn more about it.: Casio PXS3000 info. *Also Casio just came out with a more basic version of this PXS model called the PXS1000 at just $599 internet discount price. Using the same platform as the upgraded PXS3000, this more basic version offers the same cabinet design, same key action, and same internal speaker system as the PXS3000, but the PXS3000 is definitely worth the $200 price difference in my option as it is highly upgraded over the PXS1000. You can read my new full detailed review of the PXS1000 at the following link: Casio PXS1000 REVIEW

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $1000 to $1500

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges1. Korg C1 Air - At $1399 internet discount price the Korg C1 Air is a digital piano like no other in its price range. The piano sound, key action, and pedaling realism is surprisingly impressive for a slim contemporary cabinet that occupies a small footprint. In fact, if you close your eyes while listening to this piano you might just think your hearing a real full size acoustic baby grand grand. Check out my detailed review of this impressive model at the following link: Korg C1 Air Review

2. Casio AP470 - At $1499 internet discount price, the 2018 Casio AP470 is a "heavy hitter" in this price range as compared to most of its competition. When you consider the upgraded cabinet design and construction along with big piano sound and nice e key action, this model is difficult to beat. Take a look at my full review of this piano at the following link: Casio AP470 Review

3. Kawai KDP110 - At $1199 internet price this new Kawai piano is the best one Kawai has ever produced in this lower price range. In fact this is their lowest priced home digital piano and it competes head-on with the more famous brands like Yamaha & Roland. With 40 watts of stereo audio power pumping out big sound and using beautifully sampled acoustic piano sounds, this model does offer a lot for the money. Read my complete review at the following link: Kawai KDP110 Review

*At $1499 internet price the brand new Yamaha YDP164 is definitely worth mentioning (comes in at #4 in this price range) as it replaces the prior model YDP163 and has a much better acoustic piano sound, although I was not able to list this model in the Top 3 in this price range. It's still a very good digital piano but the other models here beat it out in my opinion. Nevertheless, Yamaha is still an excellent choice and something you should consider. 

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $1500 to $2000

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1. Kawai ES8 - At a new lower price $1649 internet discount price, this model has been a top selling piano throughout the US to people who are not only beginners, but people who play at high skill levels and understand what a quality piano is supposed to play like and sound like. The ES8 comes as a portable piano alone for its price but a nice optional furniture style stand and triple pedal grand piano lyre are available at extra cost. We recommend this model if you want a natural piano sound, excellent playability in compact contemporary design that occupies a small amount of space. Please read my detailed review of this model at the following link: Kawai ES8 Review

2. Korg G1 Air - At $1599 internet discount price this home cabinet model puts out a big, clear sound with great bass response in a slim stylish cabinet. Everyone I have talked with who owns this new model says great things about it and especially likes that it primarily focuses on a higher quality piano playing experience as opposed to offering lots of unnecessary "bells & whistles" that some other digital pianos tend to do. Also, the Korg Music company manufactures their digital pianos in Japan using their own factories so you get more piano for your money and less of what you don't want. I highly recommend this model for all that it offers in this price range. Read my full review of this piano at the following link: Korg G1 Air Review

3. Casio AP650 - At $1899 internet discount price this Casio model has the look, sound, and functions closer to other new digital pianos that are twice the price. You can play this model as a full big sounding piano or utilize the many educational functions to enhance the piano learning and playing experience. By the way, in my opinion this is the best piano of the bunch between $1000 to $3000 as far as offering the most "bells & whistles" in terms of digital functions & features. So if you are interested in a digital piano that does a ton of cool things, but still plays like a nice piano, then this model would definitely satisfy your needs. Go to my complete piano review of the Casio AP650 at the following link to learn more: Casio AP650 Review

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $2000 to $2500

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Kawai CA48 home digital piano - At $2099 for a matte rosewood finish and $2199 for a matte black finish, the new Kawai CA48 furniture cabinet piano is impressive because it is the first model under $3000 internet discount price of any brand that offers all wooden keys that move up & down realistically like a real acoustic piano with triple sensor key contact electronics along with the "escapement/let-off" feature that is found on grand piano key actions. With an impressive 4-speaker stereo internal speaker system, wireless MIDI connectivity, natural stereo sampled acoustic piano sound from full size Kawai grand pianos, other cool features all in an attractive cabinet, this brand new model just being introduced has risen quickly to the top in this price range with regard to the most authentic piano playing experience in terms of key action, piano sound, and pedaling response done in ways that have not been available before on a digital piano in this price range. In fact, not only have I personally played this model many times, I am currently in the middle of writing my review on it and should have it done soon. In the meantime I recommend you learn more about the CA48 on the Kawai website at the following link: Kawai CA48 Review

2. Yamaha Arius YDP184 - At $2199 internet discount price, this is the 1st Yamaha digital piano I have listed on this page so far, but it will not be the last. Up until now I have not been a big fan of most of the Yamaha digital pianos under $2000. However, this new model really has surprisingly great sound for the Arius series, playable, durable key action, and sophisticated digital features in a very nice furniture cabinet. Go to the following link to read my thorough review of this new model: Yamaha YDP184 Review

3. Roland HP702 - Unlike many of the other digital pianos on this list, Roland does not publish its discount prices on-line so you would need to go to an actual piano store that sells Roland pianos to get a price that you could buy it at there. However, based on my experience with this model, the average discount selling price in Roland piano stores across the country is approx $1999 plus local tax. The HP702 is the 1st model in the Roland HP line of home digital pianos. With just 28 watts of total internal power going through just two smaller speakers, this piano is definitely on the low end of a bigger fuller sound with most of the other digital pianos in this price range being at a minimum of 60 watts total power going through 2, 4, or 6 speakers. However, given that the piano sound chip is really quite sophisticated on this model and the key action and pedaling moves and responds well, I do recommend the HP702 in this price range. I have played this model a number of times and do like it.  Roland HP702 Review 

* The Korg "GrandStage."  A newer portable stage piano/orchestra instrument has recently come out by the Korg piano company at just $2199 internet discount price. This portable "monstrous sounding" instrument covers all the bases when it comes to offering hundreds of HD super studio quality stereo instrumental sounds, stereo orchestral sounds, big band & jazz instruments, classical instruments, stereo acoustic grand pianos, vintage electric stereo pianos, the best pipe, jazz, & pop organ sounds, synths, full ambient tones, a myriad of guitars, and so much more. This model is built to play & instantly get impressive pro quality sounds with a super simple user control panel that anyone from 5 years old to 95 years old can operate and sound great the first time you play it. I mention this instrument here because it is not only in this price range but it easily competes with some of these other digital pianos up to the $4000 range. It's main limitation that some people will object to is that it's a portable "stage-type piano with no built-in speakers. You have to connect it to external monitors or speakers and you would also need to put in on a metal style stand as opposed to having a furniture style stand like most of these other digital pianos have here. But if you don't object to some of these "limitations" then this model is worth checking out by reading my review at the following link: Korg Grandstage Review

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $2500 to $3000

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1. Yamaha CLP635 - At $2699 internet price, the CLP635 is Yamaha's most popular model in its popular Clavinova series home digital pianos. With beautiful piano tone, playable piano style key action, resonate pedaling sustain time, and some very cool digital features, the CLP635 is really the next model up from the Yamaha YDP184 and it's definitely worth the difference in price. Read my full review of this piano to learn more at the following link: Yamaha CLP635 Review

2. Kawai MP11SE - At just $2799 internet price, this portable "home stage style" digital piano model from Kawai is like playing a real acoustic grand piano in terms of key action movement, piano sound realism, and pedaling response. For people who want the most realistic possible piano playing experience under $3000 for a digital piano and don't mind that the MP11SE is in a portable style cabinet occupying a small footprint in the room, and needing to be played through external monitors, then the musical result of all that would be that you would essentially have something that even a pro pianist would enjoy playing because of how naturally organic the piano playing experience would be, especially in this price range. Please read my detailed review of this impressive digital piano at the following link: Kawai MP11SE Review 

3. Roland HP704 - At approx $2999 store discount price, the new Roland HP704 is the 2nd piano in the Roland line of upgraded models selling above $2000 that incorporates their latest "hybrid" key action and newer physical modeling sound technology. This one is definitely worth looking at and offers a lot of things that many shoppers are looking for. Check out my review at the following link: Roland HP704 Review

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $3000 - $3500

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Yamaha CLP645 - At $3499 internet price this Yamaha Clavinova model is the first one to have actual wood keys and a more responsive key action than the CLP635 model below it. This piano also has a much stronger, richer internal sound system along with offering Bluetooth audio wireless connectivity. This is my favorite Clavinova model in the Yamaha line of digital pianos and is definitely worth the money if you can be in this price range. Please read my complete review of this Yamaha piano at the following link: Yamaha CLP645 Review

2. Kawai CA58 - At approx $3099 store discount price for matte black finish cabinet, this piano is one of Kawai's most popular digital pianos because it offers a more realistic piano playing experience than most of the other brands and models in this price range, has a better speaker system than the lower price pianos (so the sound is richer & fuller) and has a more robust, more natural piano sound. My review on this model should be up soon. In the meantime go to the Kawai web site at the following link to learn more about this model: Kawai CA58 info

3. Yamaha CSP150 - At $3499 internet price, this new model is like no other digital piano under $4000 because most of its functions and features are controlled by an app that was created by the Yamaha and Apple companies so that a person can use their iPad or Android tablet and control the entire piano and all that it does by their color touch screen tablet. You just download the free Yamaha "Smart Pianist" app from the app store and then start doing things with your digital piano that you never thought possible and in a way that is much easier and more intuitive than anything that has ever been offered by any digital piano company before. You should definitely read about this new and exclusive Yamaha CSP150 model on my full review at the following link: Yamaha CSP150 Review

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $3500 to $4000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Kawai CA78 - At $3999 internet discount price, this new model is Kawai's first time in offering a color touch screen (android OS) to control the entire piano. The smaller but attractive built-in color screen is positioned all the way to the left of the keyboard which can be nice for some people with its minimalistic design, but also not as practical in its physical position on the piano for others. Regardless, it works pretty well based on my experience with it, and with the new CA78 piano sound chip and wood key action that previous models have not had along with responsive pedaling in an attractive cabinet, you definitely need to take a look at this one before you make any buying decision. Go to the following link on this blog to read more about Kawai digital pianos: Kawai Digital Pianos. Also, go to the following Kawai web site link to read what they have to say on this new CA78: Kawai CA78 Info

2. Casio GP300 Grnad Hybrid - At approx $3499 store discount price the Casio GP300, this is a unique digital piano, especially for the Casio company who is primarily known for much lower priced digital pianos. The GP300 has actual grand piano wooden keys that are installed in a similar way to a real grand piano and also are longer keys more like real grand pianos. The GP300 also has actual moving hammer mechanisms for all 88 keys which bring an even more realistic experience to a person wanting to get closer to a real piano while enjoying the many benefits of a digital piano. Check out my detailed review of this model at the following link and find out why it is so popular and even outsells some of the better known brands in this higher price range. Casio GP300 Grand Hybrid Review

3. Samick SG120 Micro Grand - At approx $3900 (plus tax) store discount selling price, this model is somewhat of an unusual digital piano to put into this Top 3 list, but it actually does fit here because it's a higher quality digital piano with a very responsive, fast action piano keyboard along with good stereo piano tone with lots of cool digital features all housed in a beautiful micro-grand polished ebony piano cabinet. The Samick piano company is based in South Korea (think Samsung) and has designed and produced upright & grand acoustic pianos, digital grand & upright style pianos for well over 50 years. I would recommend you read my full review of the SG120 micro-grand digital piano at the following link to find out more. You may be very impressed: Samick SG120 Review

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $4000 to $5000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Yamaha CSP170 - At just $4699 internet price for a matte black cabinet and $5299 internet discount price for a elegant polished ebony cabinet, the new CSP model is one of my favorite pianos out of any brand in any price range. Combining big, full, resonate dynamically controlled acoustic piano tone with durable wood key action and all controlled by a very sophisticated but intuitive app for iPad and Android tablets, this piano is the epitome of coolness, technology, and piano educational instruction all in one piano that you can grow with rather than grow out of. You definitely should not miss finding out more about this impressive new digital piano created by Yamaha in conjunction with Apple. This piano just makes playing the piano that much more fun and enjoyable, no matter what you play or how you play it. Check out my very detailed review at the following link: Yamaha CSP170 Review

2. Casio GP500 - At $4999 store discount price, this top of the line polished ebony Grand Hybrid digital piano is the best that Casio has to offer. With a top of the line piano sound chip, 88 actual wood grand piano keys, and 88 individual hammers moving up and down like a real grand piano does, there is no other piano like this on the planet for under $5000. Read more about this very impressive instrument at my following review: Casio GP500 Review

picture of Dexibell H7 piano
Dexibell H7 polished ebony

3. *Dexibell VIVO from Italy - Although the following brand is not listed in the top 3 digital pianos between $4000-$5000, in my opinion it should actually occupy the #1 spot with its VIVO H7 model because it is that good and I have played it many times. It is a newer brand developed and made entirely in Italy by expert craftsman and designers for the last few years and now in the US for the last 2 years. Based on owner experiences and sales so far, as well as my own personal playing experience with this model, I would definitely recommend you consider the newer Dexibell H7 home digital piano using proprietary state-of-the-art technology that easily rivals the finest top name brands out there. Plus, it's in a unique, but elegant in its custom home furniture cabinet available in 6 different colors/finishes that will make you feel as if you have a Ferrari sports car in your living room! Check out my review of this new digital is definitely worth your consideration especially at its very reasonable store discount price: Dexibell H7 Review

Top 3 Digital Pianos from $5000 to $6000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Yamaha CLP685 - At $5799 internet price for a matte black finish cabinet (polished ebony cabinet $6599), this is Yamaha's top-of-the-line home digital piano. It has Yamaha's best Clavinova wood key action with extended keys, a great looking cabinet, super huge internal sound system, and natural, clear, dynamic piano tone all controlled by an intuitive control panel and a proprietary tablet app by Yamaha called Smart Pianist." Although not everyone can be in this higher price range, if you do have the budget for it then I recommend you consider this new model and read my detailed review of it at the following link: Yamaha CLP685 Review

2. Kawai CA98 - At a store discount price of $5399 for the basic matte rosewood cabinet, $5499 for the matte black cabinet, and $6199 for the polished ebony cabinet, this new top-of-the-line model for the Kawai piano company competes head on with Yamaha and Roland top-of-the-line digital pianos in similar price range. The CA98 has longer wood keys installed similar to a real acoustic piano, it has a 1/2 size wood soundboard in the back of the piano which, with the help of transducer mics on the soundboard, helps the piano sound resonate better through the cabinet, a new improved piano sound technology chip which produces a more realistic piano sound than before, and a new smaller color touch screen on the left side of the keyboard which helps the user navigate through some of the functions and features of the piano more easily and intuitively than in previous models. Although I have played this new piano many times, I have not completed my full review on it yet. So in the meantime please take a look at this model on the Kawai website at the following link to learn more about this new model: Kawai CA98 Info

3. Roland LX708 - The Roland LX708 is a new model for Roland and currently the best upright style home digital piano that Roland produces. It has new digital sound technology, improved key action, and a new piano sound chip along with an upgraded polished ebony cabinet (polished white is optional for a bit more money) with a much more powerful internal sound system that makes it sound like big with lots of bass. The discount store price is about $5999 for the matte charcoal black finish and about $7000 more for a polished ebony finish, and another $300 more for a polished white finish, plus local tax. This model is not available in the US for purchase on the internet. It is only available in local pianos stores. Please read my review of this model at the following link: Roland LX708 Review. Also, Roland LX706, LX705, HP704, HP702, GP607, and GP609 is in the same review.

Top "Digital Grand Piano Cabinet Style" Digital Pianos under $5000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Samick SG120 micro grand - Of the top name brands out there who make grand piano style digital pianos, only Samick has a micro-grand size digital piano in this price range. Learn more about this piano at the following link: Samick SG120 Review

2- Samick SG500 regular mini grand - Of the top name brands out there who make grand piano style digital pianos, only Samick has a regular mini-grand size digital piano in this price range. Learn more about this piano at the following link: Samick SG500 Review

Top "Digital Grand Piano Cabinet Style" Digital Pianos from $5000 to $6000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Yamaha CLP665GP - In this price range, only Yamaha has a 3'9" digital piano (less than 4' deep) and it's one I recommend. Looks great, sounds great. Learn more about it at the following link: Yamaha CLP665GP Review

2. Roland GP607 - This 3' deep impressive digital small mini-grand sells at discount in Roland dealer stores at approx $6000 (plus local tax). I do recommend it and you can learn more about this model from my detailed review at the following link: Roland GP607 Review

Top "Digital Grand Piano Cabinet Style" Digital Pianos from $6000 to $15000

picture of  Top 3 Best Digital pianos in all price ranges
1. Yamaha AvantGrand N3X - This new 4' deep cabinet model is the ultimate premier digital grand piano in the piano business today with its unique elegant custom made contemporary baby grand cabinet which houses a complete acoustic grand piano key action with moving parts, special "hammers" and huge piano sound to match. At approx $15000-$16000 dealer discount price(plus tax, (retail price is $22,199), this thing is not cheap. But if you want a very impressive grand piano playing experience with digital grand piano technology that keeps the piano permanently in tune and you can also use headphones for private practice as well as turn down the master volume when you use it's multiple perfectly positioned internal speaker system, then this piano will keep you playing for a very long time offering incredible expressive musical enjoyment. Yamaha has had their previous N3 AnantGrand out for many years and in 2018 just upgraded the model to the N3X whith improved piano sound, speaker system, and added and refined other technology features. Although I have played this model many times, I have yet to complete my review on it. So in the meantime please check it out on the Yamaha web site at the following link: Yamaha AvantGrand N3X Info 

2. Roland GP609 - This 5' deep digital piano is in a full size baby grand cabinet and is a new model and sells at discount price at Roland digital pianos stores for approx $11,000. The cabinet is beautiful and it is 2nd only to the Yamaha AvantGrand as far as what it offers for an impressive piano playing experience. The Roland GP609 does not offer an actual grand piano key action. The keys have a bit of wood in them but that is the only part of the piano that can be called a "hybrid." The Yamaha N3X is actually a real "hybrid" because of its Yamaha acoustic grand action which is derived directly from a real Yamaha acoustic grand piano. The Roland GP609, however, still offers more than enough for many grand piano shoppers in terms of a very satisfying grand piano playing experience give how expressive the piano is and how it sounds through its beautifully designed internal speaker system going through it's elegant baby grand piano cabinet. I have played the GP609 many time and in reality it is no different than its small 3' deep brother the Roland GP607 with the exception of the larger upgraded baby grand cabinet and the much more robust and impressive grand piano internal speaker system. Although I have played this new model many times I have done done a specific review on it. However, as I mentioned, in terms of its key action, technology, and playability, it is identical to the smaller Roland GP607 and I have done a review on that model. Go to the following link to learn more about this model: Roland GP609 Review

3. Yamaha CLP695GP - At $7499 internet selling price for polished ebony finish (polished white is more money), this 4' digital regular mini-grand size is Yamaha's largest home digital grand piano shaped instrument in the Clavinova series. It is essentially a CLP685 vertical piano in a baby grand shape. It comes in a beautifully designed cabinet, sounds great, and plays very nicely with impressive sound and features. This one is definitely worth looking at so check out my detailed review at the following link to learn ,more about it: Yamaha CLP695GP Review

4. Yamaha CVP709GP - At $15,799 internet/store discount price, this top-of-the-line Clavinova 3'9" deep smaller mini-grand digital piano is actually my favorite model in this entire group because it offers a super awesome piano playing experience along with all kinds of very cool interactive educational & fun technology...and I am into technology in a big way, as long as the piano playing experience on that model is a good one. I have played it many times and always enjoy it very much and it puts out a huge, full, resonate piano tone with a surprising amount of bass frequency so you really feel like you are playing a grand piano. However, in my opinion it is a bit over-priced but certainly the CVP model offers dramatically more in the way of interactive music technology. However, as an instrument where you want to primarily focus on the most realistic piano playing experience and not have so many "bells & whistles," the Yamaha AvantGrand N3 is the better way to go. But for me, I would pick the CVP709GP. I have not completed my review of the CVP709GP yet so in the meantime take a look at it on the Yamaha website at the following link to learn more about it. Oh...and if you think you may want one just let me know and I can show you how to buy them for less money. Yamaha CVP709GP Info

5. Kawai CP1 - This one is Kawai's top-of-the-line digital piano and it's in a full size 5'3" baby grand cabinet made by the Kawai acoustic piano factory. I have played this piano many times and do like it very much. It comes in a big authentic baby grand wood cabinet with a huge built-in speaker system in it along with lots of educational and fun interactive technology similar to the Yamaha CVP609GP in a number of ways, but in a much larger cabinet than the Yamaha CVP. However, the CP1 retails for more than $20,000 and sells at discount price in piano stores for around $14,000 - $15000, depending on the store. Unlike the Yamaha CVP series, it is not available to buy on-line at a store so you need to go to your local store to get one and then also would definitely need to pay local sales tax. Based on the size and quality of cabinet in this CP1 and what it does, it's kind of a tossup between the Kawai CP1 and Yamaha CVP709GP in my opinion, especially since they are relatively close in price. But again, if you are just looking mainly for a good piano playing experience in a grand shaped cabinet with less bells & whistles in this higher price range, then I would instead recommend the Yamaha CLP695GP, Roland GP609, or Yamaha N3X AvantGrand with the Yamaha CLP695GP being slightly shorter in depth but also quite a bit less money while still offering a very nice piano playing experience. For more info on the Kawai CP1 please read my extensive review of it at the following link: Kawai CP1 Review

* Whatever you decide that you might like, please let me know and contact me before you purchase anything anywhere because I can give you personal advice and help you save even more money on any of these digital pianos!

If you want more info on these pianos and lower prices than internet, Amazon, bundles, or store discounts in the USA including helping you with credit and no interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases over $100, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864 


  1. Good evening Tim ... What a pleasure to read your relevant comments and deliver your experience in the field of digital piano ... I live in France and many models are not marketed at home, I think KAWAI KDP 110 in particular. I wanted to ask you two or three questions, though. I have seen the brand DYNATONE, STEIMAYER, which sells pianos that they announce "high-end", such as the Steinmayer DP-380, or the DPR-3200 H from dynatone. In all fairness, these pianos are good bills, if I rely on the elements and other functions that compose them, such as heavy touch, polyphony, keys boix, etc, etc ... I know that they are brands installed in China ... But what I expect of you, are worth it to buy, because their price defy any competition compared to the tenors that are YAMAHA, KAWAI, etc .... Thank you the help you bring to novice pianists like me ... Happy end of year party ... Bruno

  2. I would like to know if there were still samik ebony ... and if so, how can I buy it and send it home in France..thanky..bruno

  3. I would like to know if there were still samik ebony ... and if so, how can I buy it and send it home in France..thanky..bruno

  4. I must thank you - truly - for your reviews. You just helped me make an educated recommendation for a friend.
    May I offer some constructive criticism? Your writing style, though pleasantly forthright and conversational, severely needs help in the brevity department. Run-on sentences and repetition abound in your posts, which is very fatiguing to the reader. Perhaps listen to your own pages using text-to-speech to see what I mean?

    This comment as it's just for your reference; no need to post it. Heck, ignore it if you like! Brevity is a hard skill to master but will really help your blog. I owe you a debt for your reviews so I figured I'd reach out a helping hand as well.

    Take care and keep up the great work.

  5. Thanks for your comments...and what you say is mostly true. I write in a "stream of consciousness" style and I think and talk like that as well. Although I do put down a lot of detail and go much further than most people in explanations, it can be a bit overwhelming for some. At this point in my life I am too old and set in "thinking ways" to change...much. If you think that my content is too extensive and not to the point sometimes, you should see the unedited versions of my reviews! What you are reading in my reviews is actually edited not only in length, but also in sentence structure and content from what it first was when I initially wrote them. Your criticism is constructive but unfortunately (for good or bad) I will unlikely use it because then I would just be editing for days on end and I can only do so much of that as it would drive me crazy...and I am already a bit nutty to begin with:).