Digital Piano Shortage | WARNING REPORT Covid-19 | Nov-Dec 2020

Digital Piano Shortage - Report
Digital Piano Shortage | Report & Warning | Order and Shipping Problems because of Covid-19 | November - December 2020  

No Digital Pianos for November - December 2020 Christmas Season? Reminds me of the "toilet paper" problem...the demand is high and the supply is very low...hard to find. It could happen to digital pianos due to Covid-19! Please read this new report. 

Covid-19 death & restrictions
Digital Pianos have always been popular with piano students, families, professional musicians, studios, piano teachers, and others for many years as a great way to enjoy piano playing as the newer models have really gotten much better in realism and quality. Some of them are truly amazing.
Now due to Covid-19 and the extreme restrictions our country has had on traveling and life in general, people have become more isolated than ever before and have been looking for something good do do in their homes other than playing on their iPads, computers, or watching more endless TV or videos. With that in mind, digital pianos have become been more popular over the last 6 months than ever before. In fact the digital piano manufactures cannot keep up with worldwide demand and in the US some newer digital piano models are backordered up to 2 months or more until factories can catch up with the demand and we are not sure that will happen anytime soon.

Online shopping
If that all wasn't enough to cause major problems in getting new digital pianos, due to the rapid increase of on-line shopping
  during the worldwide pandemic, logistics companies like FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and freight companies in general are at maximum capacity right now in shipping all over the country. So what does all of this mean for the upcoming holiday season and beyond? It definitely does not look good if you are wanting a good new digital piano in a timely manner, because it may not happen. 

Digital Pianos backordered
With product backordered from companies like Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Korg, and Casio to name a few,
and logistics/shipping companies like the ones I mentioned earlier at or nearly at maximum capacity in shipping product, the buying demand of shoppers for the holiday season will overload the system and my prediction will be that you may not get your digital piano purchase at all or "in time" unless you order it NOW and even that may not help depending on the item you want. Think I am kidding or being overly dramatic? I am not. 
The "writing is on the wall" so to speak. 

Big demand for digital pianos
People in the music industry that are "in the know" are already talking about it and are worried. On-line sales have risen dramatically for all kinds of consumer products because we are all indoors more and are looking for more and better things to do, for us and our children.
With a huge surge of on-line shopping and demand now and for this upcoming season for products that have to do with your "home" in some way such as entertainment and household goods like TV's, furniture, bicycles, construction materials, appliances, digital pianos, etc, you will likely not be able to get what you want or when you want it. Black Friday, Super Monday, whatever sales come up, don't expect to get what you want when you want it or even get it at all. Waiting for a "lower price?" The real question is "will you be able to get one at all at any price?" That's what the suppliers and manufacturers are worried about and then that trickles down to the consumer.

Long shipping delays
Be prepared, think about what you want now, what you can afford, and order it now!
With FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and others being pulled in every direction, the factories not being able to keep up with demand because they are on a much lower output due to Covid-19 restrictions and not enough warehouse space for these companies to stock what they need, good luck on getting your favorite and/or needed item! I have already been seeing this happen now and we have not even hit the busy shopping season yet. Yes, the manufacturers want your business and the shipping companies want your business, but they can only do so much. Another thing holding up shipping and causing long delays is the product coming in from overseas is now getting backed up at the main ports and docks receiving the shipments. Shipping and receiving ports & docks up and down California where most products from Asia (Japan, China, etc) are coming in are also causing big problems because they are so backed up because of covid restrictions and the factories trying to catch up with demand and too many ships are trying to get unloaded at the docks all at one's really a big mess and it's going on right now and probably will continue to be that way for awhile.

Do Not Wait
Do yourself a big favor. DO NOT wait until the last minute to purchase the gift you want to get for someone else or buy the item for yourself that you want
. Get it done now, find a place to store it if it's a gift and you are not ready to have it opened up. Do whatever it takes but my strong advice is...DO NOT WAIT because you will likely be sorry and then can't say I have not warned you. I am already seeing it in the digital piano industry and the manufacturers are already warning "us" to expect product and shipping challenges over the next few months like never before. 

Be an early bird
We are in unprecedented times and things are not normal as everyone knows. You cannot expect that your expectations will be met when it comes to buying and getting the products you want this season.
There still will likely be a Christmas sale of some type...but will you actually be able to get a new digital piano at all and/or get it on time? That's the real question and by what I am seeing right now, the answer is you may not get it and if you do, you will be one of the few because the manufacturers will or already have run out of stock on that model digital piano or in the color you would want and it is already happening. Don't take a an "earlier bird" and pick out your digital piano now and get it ordered or you will likely lose out and the wait will be even longer!

Contact Me
Want to know more about this subject and the challenges ahead in getting a digital piano that you want?
Then you need to prepare and contact me right away so we can talk about it. I am here to help you get the digital piano that will work well for you and your musical needs and within your long as you act right away. Whether you are looking at new Yamaha, Kawai, Korg, Roland, Casio, Samick, or other brands, contact us before you buy anything anywhere. You'll be glad you did!

If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts, please email me right away at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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