TOP 10 Digital Pianos | "Biggest Bang for the Buck in 2021!" 👍

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos for 2021 offering the "Biggest Bang for the Buck!" 

I can help you buy nearly any new digital piano for a price far below any advertised sale price on the internet, Amazon, etc incl free shipping (on many items), no tax, brand new, with full factory warranty! Call me before you do anything with anyone.

update product shortage October 25, 2021 - UPDATE: We have been notified by all of the popular digital piano manufacturers that there is a product shortage right now on many models due to their popularity and getting sold out during the past few months because of a big surge in orders and big shipping delays during this pandemic. If you want a new digital piano and think you may like one of these digital pianos in our list below, we urge you contact us right away and get your order in now or you may not get one for a long time. Check out the following update report on the latest digital piano product delays going on right now: Digital Piano Product Delays & Shortage - REPORT

Even though we listed some of our favorites on this page, there are other models we recommend as well and are happy to discuss them with you too. Just send us an email or give us a call (US phone calls only) and we'll be happy to talk with you about your piano questions and give you helpful advice at no charge. Our goal is to point you to the best piano that meets your musical needs and goals within your budget. We love helping people enjoy their musical adventure on an amazing new digital piano that can make playing music even more exciting!

Kawai ES920 digital piano
The Kawai ES920 at $1599 price - This new 2021 model and just about to come out and is very impressive in our opinion because it utilizes Kawai's famous grand piano super sound chip inside which is the identical sound chip being used in their higher end $3000 home digital piano. It really does sound amazing at such a low price, especially as compared to what the other brands have to offer in a top end portable digital piano. This model has a good looking compact furniture style case (optional stand & triple pedals), natural stereo piano tone, responsive key action (closer to a grand piano response) which is best in its class over other portable digital pianos including Yamaha, Roland, etc, pro pedaling response, and lots of very cool digital features like iPad piano virtual piano designer app, USB connectivity, audio wav and MP3 recording & playback, Bluetooth wireless, and all of it easy to use. 

The Kawai ES920 is perfect for beginners all the way up to professional players. As of right now we suggest you get a "pre-order" in to reserve one before the first incoming shipments are all sold out. Also, ask me about even lower discount prices with free shipping and no tax. Go to my detailed review at the following link and then let me know what you think: Kawai ES920 Review

sold out The Casio Celviano AP-710 at $2699 on-line discount price is a very popular home digital furniture cabinet piano right now - This one is Casio's best home digital piano for under $3000 and it has and does everything that most people want including having an impressive stereo sampled piano sound designed in conjunction with the Bechstein Grand Piano company of Germany along with 256-note polyphony combined with useful digital features, especially as
Casio AP-710
Casio AP-710
compared to other furniture cabinet model or brands under $3000. This is a very impressive piano in my opinion because it has amazing "life-like" stereo grand piano sounds, a very responsive and dynamic weight-graded key action and it comes in a very attractive furniture cabinet with tilt-open lid sound expansion. 

This model is definitely one that gives a Big Bang for the Buck in so many ways, especially as compared with other name brand digital pianos such as Yamaha in this same price range. Casio may not have the same "piano name" prestige as a Kawai, Yamaha, or Steinway, etc, but don't let that fool you. Casio knows what they're doing and it shows in this instrument. In fact, the popularity and relatively low price for this model considering what it does has caused this model to be nearly sold out according to Casio. There is even "lower discount pricing" on this model with free shipping and no tax so please ask me more about this if your are interested. This may or may not be the perfect piano for you but to know for sure, please check out my review at the following link and let me know what you think: Casio AP-710 Review

picture of Yamaha CSP170
Yamaha CSP-150 & CSP-170 Smart Pianos - In cooperation with Apple Company - Yamaha has an all new class of digital pianos which is the first of their kind that offer high quality digital pianos with a unique control panel design that looks like a piano but with only 2 buttons and one volume control on the pianos themselves. This minimalistic cabinet design might fool you into thinking the pianos don't do much, but you would be very wrong if that's what you thought. 

The big surprise is that Yamaha piano company in cooperation with the Apple company has designed a new comprehensive "Smart Pianist" app for iOS product (iPad & iPhone) that puts the power of music and music education at your fingertips...literally. There has never been a digital piano like this before and when you play one of these pianos like I have, you'll be amazed by what you can do with it and they are a lot less money than you might think for all of this new music technology. Also, the Smart Pianist app is now available for Android devices so everyone can enjoy a CSP-150 or CSP-170 now. Learn more about these impressive pianos at the following link: Yamaha CSP-150 & CSP-170 Digital Smart Pianos

Casio PX-S3000 digital piano
The Casio PX-S3000 at $849 is the most impressive self-contained portable digital piano under $1000. This is because for it's very slim compact size cabinet weighing in at only 24 lbs along with having battery power besides the normal included power adapter, the piano-weighted key action, stereo HD piano sound chip, amazing pedaling response and sustain/decay time, and new 3D multi-directional speaker surround sound is incredibly impressive. For people looking to get the most realistic piano playing experience under $1000 in a very portable 88-key digital piano, this PX-S3000 is it. 

There are so many impressive new technology features in this model that you might otherwise think this piano should cost nearly twice what it does for how good it is. Casio has been climbing up over the recent years in its bid to take over this category of low priced portable digital pianos, and with this new model I believe they have done that. Please read my full review of this new model before you make a purchase of anything anywhere. Casio PX-S3000 Review

Dexibell red H7 piano
Dexibell is a digital piano company located in Italy and they are famous in Europe for producing all Italian designed and made high quality, high definition state-of-the-art products in unique furniture cabinets unlike what any other major digital piano company is offering right now in any price range. The Dexibell company has years of design and production experience in their local factory and has just started importing their special "VIVO" products into the US and I have played and examined them. You may be surprised to learn that although the Dexibell is a name you have probably never heard of, they stand along names like Ferrari & Lamborghini in offering what I call "powerful piano sports cars" that can impress almost anyone looking for a digital piano with a unique, contemporary cabinet offered in multiple finishes and colors including black, white, red, etc, along with a smooth running powerful piano sound "engine and transmission" on the inside able to produce acoustic piano sounds and orchestra & pop instrument sound authenticity not heard before in their lower price range. I recommend you read my review of these new pianos and then let me know what you think. 👍 Dexibell VIVO digital piano review

Roland DP603 digital piano Roland has a smaller contemporary model called the DP603 digital piano and it is somewhat popular. Available in 3 cabinet color finishes, the discount selling price ranges are anywhere from $2300 to $3000. The DP603 borrows its sound, feature technology, and key action from its higher priced big brothers the HP and LX home piano series. Roland also produces a lower priced RP701 piano selling for $1599. However, the DP603 piano playing experience and technology is at a higher level and more authentic than the lower priced Roland model. Although this model has been out for well over 4 years it is still a very good option. Is the Roland DP603 better than the other brands and models listed here? Yes and no as there are definitely other great choices in this price range too. Take a look at my DP603 review at the following link and let me know what you think? Roland DP603 Review

Kawai CA48 digital piano
The Kawai CA49 - The well known Kawai piano company has a new impressive home furniture cabinet digital piano that is just coming out which is very competitive in the $2000 price range. The CA49 at just $2299 features a real all-wood key action designed to more closely emulate an acoustic grand piano with a smooth playing key action like no other in its price range. It replaces the former CA48 which was also a great selling piano for Kawai and one that I had played many times. Coupling this innovative and organic feeling key action is a resonant stereo grand piano sound, responsive pedaling, and a nice set of useful digital functions and features. 

If you looking for a more traditional home furniture cabinet with technology focused more on playing the piano rather than lots of "bells & whistles" and all at what I consider to be a very reasonable price at $2299, the Kawai Concert Artist CA49 digital piano offered in premium satin black, premium satin rosewood, and premium satin white just might be the perfect choice for you. I will have a review of this new model very soon so stayed tuned. In the meantime you can always read my review of the previous CA48 model which shares some of its features with the new CA49.

Yamaha CLP645 piano The 2021 Yamaha CLP-745 - The upgraded Clavinova model with noticeably more authentic piano sound and sustained tones along with wood keys that move nicely and an intuitive user interface with many impressive digital features. With prices starting at $3699 discount internet price in a variety of attractive satin finishes, this piano looks very attractive in any room. For just a slightly higher price you can also order one in a beautiful high polished ebony finish as well. If you want a more attractive cabinet with a full classic piano sound and have the budget to purchase an instrument like this, then I recommend it here in our "best buy" list for a more advanced digital piano in a slightly higher price range that's great for beginner students on up to advanced pianists along with pro players. Please check out my latest review of this new model at the following link: Yamaha CLP-745 Review

Casio AP-470 digital piano Casio AP-470 Celviano Home Digital Piano - $1699 -  This newer model piano that sounds impressive in a nicely designed traditional cabinet which looks great, sounds beautiful, and works like a piano. It's minimalistic appearance will blend in with any home along with being available in 3 cabinet colors: matte brown walnut, matte white, or matte black. This is an instrument that focuses squarely on being a piano but with a few frills but not overloaded with bells & whistles you may not want.  

After playing this new model many times I recommend it for families in a lower price range under $1700 but who want a quality piano with smooth playing piano key action, resonate acoustic piano sound, and responsive pedaling that a beginner through a more advanced player can appreciate. It also includes a matching height-adjustable bench and a very long 5 year parts & labor factory warranty all for a lower $1699 internet discount price. Check it out at the following link: Casio AP-470 Review

Korg G1 Air digital piano
Korg G1B Air home contemporary compact digital piano - This small but powerful digital piano is amazing! Korg is in the top 5 most respected Japanese digital piano companies today and is well known for processional stage pianos and keyboards but not as well known in the recent past for furniture cabinet home digital pianos. However, all that is changing with the advent of their newest "home style" digital piano for $1999 that competes head on with the other guys and in some ways the G1 Air is superior to the competition in this price range and even against the higher price ranges. 

With very impressive piano key action, big stereo grand piano sound, and long sustain pedaling response, I believe you'll be quite surprised at how good this newer model sounds and plays for its lower price. If you don't know about this newer Korg piano or much about the their company, please read my detailed review to learn more, you'll be glad you did: Korg G1 Air Review

- ATTENTION PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS OF BABIES & YOUNG CHILDREN! Check out my Report on the Top 5 Ways Music Affects The Development of Babies & Young Children at the following link: The Top 5 Ways that Music Affects the Development of Babies & Young Children 

picture of Dylan Praskins
*PERSONAL REQUEST I would appreciate it if you could read my special report concerning my grandson, Dylan and he is a big reason why I spend so much time doing this blog and providing people just like you (world-wide) the best possible and most trusted on-line content about digital pianos there is. Dylan suffers from some severe mental, physical, and social dysfunction from his battle with childhood Leukemia. He was fortunate enough to have beat the Leukemia itself through an early process of having chemo, radiation, and then finally a full cord-blood transplant which saved his life. 

However the outcome of all that treatment was that the chemo and radiation left Dylan in a state of obvious dysfunction in so many ways and continues to this day. Dylan will likely never be a "normal" person and although he is a wonderful, smiley child a lot of the time,  he behaves like he has a form of autism, but in fact he has what is known as "chemo-brain" which is a severe and permanent dysfunction of the brain and the neurons that control his body and behavior. I am asking anyone who feels so inclined to read my short story of my grandson Dylan at the following link and pray for him if you will. Thank you! Dylan's story

If you want more info on these pianos and lower prices than internet, Amazon, bundles, or store discounts in the USA, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864


Anonymous said...

2018 should be the year Roland renews its HP and LX range of pianos (HP603, HP605, LX-7, LX-17) with new and hopefully better pianos!

Anonymous said...

Hoping to hear your thoughts on the Roland Fp-60. It's at a very attractive price point.

Tim Praskins - AZ Piano Reviews said...

no changes with Roland pianos from last year going into 2018 with the exception of a new 5' digital baby grand called the GP609 that is a larger, more powerful version of the smaller GP607 digital baby grand and will sell over $10,000.

Tim Praskins - AZ Piano Reviews said...

I have played the FP60 and I will be publishing my review of the FP60 in the near future. It is essentially a portable version of the Roland RP501R (same key action and piano sound source) but with the upgraded piano editing features of the FP90 and registration storage. Larger polyphony than RP501R but overall pretty much sounds and plays the same. Offers a somewhat brassy piano tone but I do like the FP60 overall....not physical modeling which is good. Reasonable price point, nice internal speaker system, etc. I like it better than the Yamaha P255 although not near as much as I like the Kawai ES8, but that one is a big price jump. I personally like the more natural piano tone on the lower priced Kawai ES110 better and that model is $729, but speaker system is much better on Roland FP60. Just depends on what is important to you musically.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
I am located in Europe, and I have to buy a white cabinet digipiano to my 8 years old doughter. She plays the piano since two years, and seems to be talented, but she is sometimes not enough motivated to practice, that is why it should be white and should have USB midi connection to be able to use apps installed on a tablet. Of cource realistic key action, sound and pedaling experience are the most important factors. Which piano would you recommend from the following list? (they are now nearly at the same price level in Europe) Casio PX-770, Casio AP-270, Korg C1 air, (Korg LP380), Roland F-140R, (Roland RP102) – Thank you for your help!

Tim Praskins - AZ Piano Reviews said...

I recommend all of them as they all offer impressive features in their price range. But my favorites with regard to the best piano playing experience would definitely be the Casio AP270 and Korg C1 Air

Lorna Mifsud Cachia said...

I am praying for your grandson. His story broke my heart. May God bless you all. I came here looking for advice on Orla digital pianos. I will carry your grandson's story with me.

Unknown said...

I'am Glad I found you folks. Days and days, hours + I've been looking for a digital piano. And all the info I get from Youtude ect. Many of these brands are not what they say. Specially, on proper key wieghts. I live on retirement money, not alot, and I want ONE good piano. Hopefully, you can help me out here. Layaway or something. (216) 272-4002

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your reviews Tim!
I just wanted to ask what should I better buy Yamaha CLP-645 or Kawai CA48. In my country they are in the same price range.

AZPianoNews said...

You can be happy with both instruments for key action but the Yamaha has the far better, more realistic piano sound.

anand said...

I'm praying for your grandson's health.
Your reviews are very helpful.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your time and efforts to help others.