Piano Lessons

piano lessons

Here are recommendations for some good on-line piano lessons and info on piano lesson computer software & iPad music/piano apps that may be useful for you and/or your family. There are also links to blog posts I have written about playing piano along with music lessons and why they are so important for kids & adults of all ages! Click on the links below for more information...

Piano Lessons by Joe Raciti - Joe is a well trained musician and fun teacher to take piano lessons from. He also has one of the newest digital pianos in his studio

Hoffman Academy - excellent Free on-line video piano lesson series given by experienced piano instructor Joseph Hoffman - also great for adults and easy to understand
Hoffman Academy

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method - Interactive Computer CD ROM lesson program - great for people with digital pianos equipped USB/MIDI output. I recommend this course for people with laptop computers who want to learn to play piano in a fun, interactive way with many built-in lessons.

iPad Piano learning Apps - How they help kids & adults learn piano better and make the practice and playing experience even more fun!
iPad Piano Apps and what you should know

Blog Post - Top 5 Ways Music Affects Development of Children
Top 5 Ways Music Affects Development of Children

Blog Post - Why Should Kids Play Piano?  
Why should your kids learn to play piano?

Blog Post - Senior Citizens should play music for increased wellness -
Seniors and playing piano

Blog Post - Alzheimer's Disease & Music - Alive Again!
Alzheimer's Disease - The Loss of Memory & the Amazing Positive Effect of Music  

Blog Post - Piano Lessons for Kids - Important things YOU should know!
Piano Lessons for Kids - Important Info

Blog Post - What is General MIDI and why it is an exciting way to motivate piano students to practice more and do better
General MIDI song playalong - Why it can be important for piano practice 

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  1. Informative article! I'm planning to have a Piano Lesson Software because my friends are very great for piano. This sites given here is very great and amazing, it helps me very much and they give a good information that I want to learn. Thank you for giving this article.

  2. http://www.emediamusic.com/keyboard-piano-lessons/beginner-piano-method.html?affiliate=529b94fccb27b

    No discount anymore?

  3. I will check why that link is not working. In the meantime go to the following link below (my Kawai ES100 review) which has a jpeg pic of eMedia near the bottom of the review. Click on pic and that link should work and give you discount: