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- Best Digital Pianos Under $1000 

- Best Digital Pianos Under $2000

- 2021 Best Furniture Cabinet Digital Pianos Under $1500

- Best Digital Pianos Under $2500

- Comparison Review of new name brand digital pianos between $3000-$7500  

TOP 3 Digital Pianos in all price ranges! $500-$1000, $1000-$1500, $1500-$2000, $2500-$3000, $3000-$3500, $3500-$4000, $4000-$5000, $5000-$6000. Top Digital Grand Pianos.

- Top 5 Best WHITE Cabinet Digital Pianos Under $2000


Individual brands current models:

*asterisk indicates a portable model  
 - (disc) means discontinued



AG28                            AG40                   AP120e                  DP3               DP150e,                

AG30                             AG50                 DP-10e

Benjamin Adams



Casio portable digital piano review - Under $500 up to $1200

PX160 (discontinued)                PX-S1100                    PX-S3000               PX-770              PX-870  

PX5S                PX-780                   CGP-700*  &      PX-360*            PX-560*  


AP-270             AP-470                AP-650                AP-700 (discontinued)          AP-710          

Grand Hybrid   GP-510                   GP-310                      








DP200     UP260G/UP280G  


ES100*(disc)    ES110*    KDP70        KDP90(disc)   KDP110   MP6*(disc)     MP7*(disc)    

MP11*(disc)   CN24(disc)   CN25(disc)   CE220    ES7*(disc)   ES8*(disc)      CP1, CP2, CP3(disc)    MP10*(disc)

(disc)   VPC1*     EP3(disc) 

MP7SE & MP11SE   CA49    CA59 

new: DG30 digital Mini Grand    ES520*    ES920*

15 Kawai Digital Piano Models for 2021 includingCA49, CA59, CA79, CA99, NV5


 B2   SP280*    XE20/XE20SP      LP380U    C1 Air    G1 Air (aka: G1B Air)    Grandstage (portable stage piano)    

SP250*(disc) SP170S*(discontinued)


CUP2    MP10    SPS4-8 piano orchestra*   KA150




CPF-140     RP500      F20* (disc)     F120(disc)   RP301(disc)    RP301R(disc)   MFP1*    FP30*     FP80*(disc)    


DP90(disc)   DP90S(disc)  HP503(disc)  HP505(disc)  HP507(disc)   LX15(disc)    HPi50(disc)

LX15e(disc)   HP504   HP603 (disc)   HP605 (disc)   LX7 (disc)   LX17 (disc)    GP607      

HP506(disc)    HP508(disc)      HPi50e     DP90e(disc)   DP90Se(disc)    F130R(disc)     RP401R(disc)    

F140R      DP603 

NEWER MODELS - RP102   FP-30X   HP702, HP704, LX705, LX706, LX708, GP607, GP609    

RCP-800    MP-200   FRP-1


Discontinued) SG110    SG310    SG450    NEO                       

SG120/SG500 current model digital grand pianos


MDG300, MDG330, MDG400

MDG100(disc)    MDG200(disc)    SD10(disc)    DG10(disc)   S350(disc)   MG350(disc)    

DP1000*(disc)   SL1(disc)


The ONE Smart Piano


Allegro*(disc)   Overture(disc)     Rhapsody(disc)   WGB(disc)    Allegro 2*     Legato*   Overture 2       

Rhapsody 2     Symphony Grand    BRIOSO   Symphony Grand ll (2021 model)


NEW: Yamaha CLP-735, CLP-745, CLP-765GP    CLP-725

Piaggero keyboards NP11, 31, NPV60, 80*    P35* (disc)    P105*(disc)    DGX650*(disc)    

P155(disc)   P-45*   P115*(disc)  P255*       P-515*

YDP135R(disc)    YDP141 (disc)    YDP142(disc)    YDP162(disc)       YPG535 

YDPS51(disc)    YDP-C71PE(disc)    YDP-181

YDPV240 (discontinued)   YDP143 & YDP163(discontinued)    YDP-103   YDP-184    YDP-S34

(discontinued) All Clavinova 600 series incl  CLP-635, CLP-645, CLP-665GP        CLP-675, CLP-685, CLP-695GP

CSP-150 & CSP-170   NU1X    YDP-144, YDP-164, YDP-S54   

AvantGrand N1X - N2 - N3X 

(discontinued)CLP430    CLP440    CLP470    CLP480    CLP465GP  

discontinued CLP525    CLP535    CLP545    CLP575    CLP585    CLP565GP (all 500 series 

discontinued) Yamaha CVP501, CVP503, CVP505, CVP509 (discontinued)

(discontinued) CVP601 Review 



KDP8826               XDP400               KDP88

AP8                        AG41

Benjamin Adams:

CDP120                    CDP130                  CDP230                      CDP235R/CDP235CSCB

PX150                    PX350                  PX750                      PX760                   PX860

AP460                   MZ-X300              PX850                             AP250                   AP220

AP420                     AP620

*Digital Grand Piano Private Sale - Contact me (email or phone) for info on a factory sale to the public (US only) on a higher quality new Digital Baby Grand Piano. Go to the following link to get more info on this model: Samick SG500 Digital Grand

*New specific digital piano reviews I am working on now:

- Kawai CN29, CN39, Novus 5S & Novus 10S
- Yamaha DGX670, CLP-775, CLP-785, CLP-795GP

- Roland FP-90X

* If you have questions about the above pianos that I am currently working on for upcoming reviews, you may contact me directly by email or phone (phone for USA shoppers)

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MedlongSong said...

Mr. Praskins,

I R\really have my eye on a Roland DP 90S Internet retail $2499-$2999 depending on color style. Is there a better piano in that price range?

The specs for it look wonderful.



Anonymous said...

I am especially looking forward to point number 7 as I am trying to decide between all those models + the NU1!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to decide between the Kawai CA95 and the Yamaha NU1. I would really like to know which one you would choose for touch, control, sound, etc. I don't care about the exterior comparison. Thank you on this Joyous Resurrection Day!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the NU1, but I bought a CA95. I thought I was going to buy the CA65, but when I heard it, I couldn't like it for some reason. When I heard (and played) the 95, I found that the wood sound board makes a HUGE difference. Even my wife, who knows nothing about pianos (and cares nothing about them really) noticed the difference and commented that it was enormous.

I've had the CA95 for a few months and couldn't be happier. I never thought I would have a digital piano that sounded good enough to satisfy me, but I do now!

Anonymous said...

Tim, I found it hard to believe that older Yamahas get a better touch and sound rating than new Kawais. Here's what Graham Howard sent as part of his "Howard Score," and I wondered what your take was on it. First number is "Key Touch"; second is "Sound"; third is "Howard Score":

Roland HP503 67 70 68.20
Yamaha CLP430 68 70 68.90
Yamaha CVP601 68 71 69.20
Kawai CA65 69 70 69.45
Kawai CS6 69 70 69.45
Roland FP-7F 72 66 69.60
Kawai CA95 69 72 70.20
Kawai CS9 70 74 71.80
Roland HP505 72 76 73.60
Roland HPi-50 72 76 73.60
Yamaha CLP465GP 68 83 74.00
Yamaha CLP440 72 78 74.40
Yamaha CLP-S406 72 78 74.40
Roland LX-15F 75 77 75.80
Roland HP507 75 82 77.80
Yamaha CLP-S408 78 78.50 77.80
Yamaha CLP470 78 82 79.60
Yamaha CVP605 78 82 79.60
Yamaha CVP609 78 84 80.40
Yamaha CLP480 78 85 80.80
Yamaha CVP609GP 78 85 80.80

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous April 7, from Anonymous March 31. Your personal description helps me. I have also seen a preference for the CA95 over the NU1 on's forum pages.

Unknown said...

Assigning an "arbitrary number" as a way to rate digital pianos is like assigning a number to rate's ridiculous, ultimately means nothing, and gives unfair advantage to certain pianos when assessed in subjective ways and calling them objective. There is no 100% objective way to rate a piano by number, no matter who that person might to be as fair as possible, I do not use numbers or similar ways of rating. I do not know Mr Howard but I would give his rating method a 01 01 01 01, and I am being generous in giving it a 01:) So what do you think about that rating because it's certainly objective as far as I am concerned:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, congratulations for your blog.

I need to decide between casio ap450 and kawai cn34. How would you compare their piano sound and key action? Would you say is worth the extra money if we dont care much about the 300 extra sounds on the kawai?


Unknown said...

The Kawai CN34 is a noticeably better piano in terms of piano key action realism, piano sound realism, speakers, cabinet, and features, including much better instrument sounds. That is why it costs significantly more money than the Casio.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick reply Tim.

Here in europe the price difference between casio ap-450 and kawai cn-34 is 350€ (450$), I am just a beginner, would you choose kawai over casio or perhaps I wont notice the difference?


Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

Thanks a million for you blog. I've never really eyed a Casio. I mean, I have tried them but thought they were "getting better" until I learned about the x50 series of which you described the big improvement in the key action. This gave me a craving to try the series until I got to try one recently.

Yes, the action's really nice and the sound is good. I tried the PX-750. I'm in the market for a digital piano and was planning to settle on Kawai CN-24 until I read your blog.

Just to make sure that I wasn't biased from reading your blog, I took my elder brother (a professional pianist and piano teacher) to try both brands (Casio PX-750 and Kawai CN-24) in the same store. He liked them both with a slight edge over the Kawai (obviously) but told me to get the Casio on the price/performance factor, as I'm not into classical and only play for fun and my son's had a bit of classical classes.

So, decision made. I'm getting the AP-450 next week. It's a better piano than the PX-750, isn't it? And only for about US$230 more (prices here). I mean, the AP-450 has more "punch" when I need that volume power from the 20W speakers. (I love to make "big noises" at times :) )

However, should you think otherwise on me getting the AP-450, I'm happy to hear of your recommendations.

Thanks and regards,

Anirut (from Thailand)

PS: the PX-850 is not available here. And I like the AP-450's cabinet - would look good in my new home. :o

David Fox said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for he terrific advice, great service and much-better-than-Amazon! pricing to boot.


Amin K said...

Hi Tim,
I thank you for all the decent information you teach us from your reviews! :)

I'm concerning buying the Kawai CA65, but I'm waiting for your review about it to be published to decide if I'm going to buy it or not...
Any idea when it will finish? as I need to wait 4 months for the purchase to arrive! the dealer don't have it, unless if I ask them for it, this is the situation in here with all the brands, dealers, and music instruments in general!...
I thank you again for your time, effort, and sincerity with all your amazing reviews...
Great job :)

Anonymous said...

There ought to be a good comparison review of the Yamaha NU1 and the Kawai CA95 and perhaps also Roland HP-507 which is of the same price range. The Kawai CS10 and Roland HP-LX15 are probably in the same ballpark.

David Farley said...

Tim - thanks for all these detailed and interesting reviews. Are you planning to look at the Yamaha CP4/CP40 stage pianos? Just curious for your opinion (I've been playing a CP40 for a couple weeks.)

Unknown said...

Hi Tim,
When comparing Casio AP-650, PX-850 and the Yamaha YDP-162, without counting price differences which is the best in terms of piano sound and key action?
Thanks for your great reviews and helpful answers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
I'm contemplating between a Casio ap 245 or Yamaha p105... I don't mind difference in look or size (I know ap 245 is bigger)... do you have any tips? I can't seem to make a decision...
Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Both would be good although the Yamaha offers a few more digital features but the Casio has a better (more realistic) key action and overall sound in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finishing and reviewing the Kawai CN24 :)
Usually, during the end of the year many discounts will be available at least in my country, as the prices are extremely illogical during the year...
So, I hope that the other models like CN34, CA65, and CA95 will be ready soon, that we can have a good idea which one to chose from, to benefit from the real discounts...
Thanks again for all your efforts Maestro. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I was looking into purchasing the Casio PX-150 and noticed they have just released the anniversary edition PX-A100. It looks like the concert hall effects feature is new to this model. What are your thoughts on this or any other differences between the two (if there are any)? Thanks!

Unknown said...

same piano in 2 different contemporary cabinet colors and a couple of additional reverb effect settings that are OK. Not available as a regular item in the US.

David Sánchez said...

Hi! Thank you for this amazing web. I'm going to purchasing a new digital piano and I'm contemplating between a Kawai CN-34 or Yamaha YDP-162. Which do you think is better for a beginner? When will the review for de Kawai CN-34 be published?

Unknown said...

These two pianos are in completely different price ranges in the US...they are $1000 apart and that would be like comparing a Toyota Corolla (Yamaha YDP162) to a Lexus (Kawai CN34...not comparable. If you contact me by email and indicate where you live, then I can help you in more detail.

Pastor Roman Gray said...


I've been hearing a lot about the Yamaha CP4 stage piano. Are you planning on doing a review of this model any time soon?

Thanks for all your help, and for your obvious passion for pianos and piano playing!

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on the Robson gdp1000l ? thank you

Anonymous said...

or the Roland KR 15? thank you

Unknown said...

The Roland KR15 is a discontinued model but was a good instrument in its day. The Robson is not sold or available in the US so I have not played it. However based on everything I know about "off-brand" digital pianos including their low prices, it is likely a low quality Chinese made piano like the Suzuki & Adagio pianos I have reviewed and not worth buying as compared to the name brands when it comes to having a realistic piano playing experience as well as a long term reliable piano.

Anonymous said...

Trying to decide between kawai cn24,Casio ap450 and Yamaha ydp162,the Yamaha and Casio are more or less the same price in Ireland and the Kawai is approx €200 more expensive?

Unknown said...

they would all be good choices but the Kawai would be best and that is one of the reasons it costs more money in the US and other countries.

Unknown said...

Hi Tim.
Thank you very much for your impressive website and all the great reviews.
They have been very helpful.
I have a quick questions with regard to the best portable digital pianos under $1000.
Between the new Kawai ES 100 and the Casio PX350 which would give you the more bang for the buck? Which one would you prefer to own if you could only choose between those two? Which of the two would you recommend for a beginner piano player?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I agree with the previous comment, you do an excellent job and the digital piano reviews. I am really trying to decide between the Casio PX780 or the Yahama DGX 650. I have played the DGX 650 at local music store, but they do not have the Casio on the floor and could only order it for purchase. I sold my 5'2 acoustic piano in order to go back into a keyboard and due to space issues in my home. I want to be more engaged in a learning environment with my music skills. I used to play more often and have been away from the keyboard on a regular basis for a long time. So for the features of both pianos, which one would you recommend? I know it all comes down to personal preference.

Thanks, Brian

Unknown said...


Both pianos are excellent choices in the lower price range but the advantage of the Casio is that is has a more realistic piano weighted key action in my opinion and that is noticeable when playing them. The Casio key action also has 3 key sensors for better repetition recognition. The Casio cabinet is more like a piano and it has a better internal sound system. Both pianos do a good job in terms of all the other functions including rhythm section, auto-chords, recording, functions, etc. The Yamaha can be portable without the stand but not with the Casio. I can give you more detail and answer more questions if you email me directly.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim,

I'm currently looking between the Casio PX850 and the Kawai CE220, somewhat convinced by your reviews, but I still haven't tried out either, as they are hard to find. As a student/composer, I am largely looking for a digital piano to act as a MIDI controller. Presumably the CE220 has better action and sound when I don't have it plugged into my synth/computer (certainly important), but will there be a noticeable difference when my own patches are sounding? In addition, how close do you think I could reasonably get to recreating the standard sounds of either digital piano through a synth? I don't know how much experience you have with synths, but any input or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Unknown said...

Touch velocity curves for software sounds can be quite subjective and variable depending on the player and expectations. I try not to comment on applications like that as I am primarily concerned in internal sound and functions on digital pianos. A synth can produce convincing piano sounds but the character of the piano tone and dynamics are also dependent on the keyboard and its mechanics which differ from one synth to another and as also compared to weighted piano hammer actions in digital pianos. Once again, this is something you need to try for yourself to be sure it's meant for you

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your valuable site. I have been an avid classical pianist for over 20 years, and never thought that I would buy a digital piano. I grew up playing a beautiful Steinway Model C at home. In my current situation I don't have the money nor the space for a grand piano like that. Additionally, being in the military and moving frequently, I didn't want to deal with the hassle of moving and tuning a heavy acoustic.
After playing a lot of acoustic and digital pianos, and doing quite a bit of research (your site was very helpful), I finally decided to buy the Kawai CA95.
I have had the instrument about 10 months now, and am so satisfied with it. The spruce soundboard brings a more warm, 3-dimensional sound if you will, than other digital pianos that I played.
The speakers are excellent and are able to fill my entire house; more than an acoustic upright would. The key action and touch, the sound, and the virtual technician function really bring this close to the feel of playing an actual grand.
One negative that I noticed is the sustain pedal doesn't actually fade out as you slowly release it in the same way as it does on an acoustic. I was pretty surprised that Kawai hasn't yet addressed that issue.
Kawai is good at releasing software updates for the piano (there have been several updates since I purchased mine), and hopefully they can eventually fix the pedal issue.
Another aspect that I like about this instrument is how it looks. For a digital piano it is very minimalistic. It doesn't have a lot of buttons or a big screen (something I didn't like in other digitals that I tried). The other instruments (about 80 or so) are a fun addition, but the main purpose of CA95 is the piano function. It comes closer to an actual acoustic grand than anything in it's price range. I would highly recommend this piano to anyone! Please let me know if you have any questions about this excellent instrument.
Thanks again for your site, I think your work in helping music reach more people is great!

Best regards,


Berry said...

Thank you for the informative, insightful and useful website. You sure bring a lot of clarity to beginners who just started researching about digital pianos. Base on your recommendation, I've decided to go with the Casio PX850 and I cannot wait to play the piano again. All the best with your grandson Dylan. keep fighting the fight buddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, will you be reviewing the new yamaha clp 500 series?

Unknown said...

Hello Tim!
I currently want to buy a piano for my daughter. I do not know anything about the piano and I did see your post since I also have a little understanding. I have decided to buy kawai CN24 piano for my daughter but the seller said that kawai piano kawai CA15 or CS4 better and has advised me to buy a piano in there two. I do not know which one is better . So I write to you and ask you to help me to choose it, or you have any suggestions?
I am sincerely grateful
May God bless you
ps: I'm living in Sweden

Unknown said...

Yes, once I have opportunity to play them...

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim,

I've been looking for a digital piano for a while now. And i'm doubting between the Casio AP 650 and the Roland HP 503 (which i can get at a discount price). What would be your advice? I'm love the feel of the Roland but i love the look of the Casio and i hear good things about it. Yet i don't know how well it holds up to the Roland.

Best Regards, Martin

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim, just wondering when do you expect that you'll be able to publish your reviews on the new Kawai models, as I'm considering buying a CA95 and am waiting to hear your opinion. Thanks

Unknown said...

I have played them and am working to get my reviews on these models finished up. If you have specific questions now, please email me and I can help you.

Unknown said...

I would recommend both pianos although the new Roland HP504 and the Kawai CN34 may be better choices although they are in a higher price range

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am thinking of buying the Casio ap 650 for 1500 Canadian. Does that sound fair? My daughter is 10 and needs foot pedals and 88 keys to continue her 3rd year of lessons but we don't have room for an acoustic. The teacher is against this, any advice?

Unknown said...

Hello There Mr.Praskins. I am just wondering if you could tell the difference of the new Roland RP-401R and its predecessor?

Unknown said...

The Roland RP401R is not out yet in my area. As soon as it comes out from Roland here I will be able to play and review it which I intend to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
I heard of the new Roland F130 and I was wondering if you have already played it? Has this model improved ( in key action for instance) compared withe the F120? Would you recommend it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
Thanks very for an awesome blog. I think it's the best info available online. I am planning to buy a digital piano and I am saving up for it so hopefully in the next 6 months I will be able to afford one. I am looking at the Kawai CA65 or Kawai CS7 (same piano inside but sounds better for some reason might be the wood). Alternatively I might consider the CLP 575. I wonder if your review of the new kawai series will be available in the next few months as I would like to read your opinion on these piano before buying. Kind Regards, Lewis

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
Trying to decide between Roland LX15e and Kawai CA95. Which will be better in terms of getting acoustic piano like experience? Does Roland LX15e has better sound than HP508? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Praskins. Just found, that you never make reviews on Roland's RD-XXX series digital stage pianos. That's strange to me. I'm not Roland's fan, this is just my thoughts. I'm wondered a little bit.

Anyway thank you for your interesting and helpful blog. Just my wish. I would like to see more materials about how to arrange environment from MIDI-keyboard and VST-pianos. I am dummy in this question. I really want to buy KAWAI VPC1 MIDI-keyboard (I'm professional classical pianist), but I can't afford it, because I don't know which equipment I need, and how to connect everything for best sound quality and response. Which laptop and hardware should I choose, which sound card etc. How to setup software pianos, organs etc. And how to record own performances in the best quality. So I would like to have more articles about that, maybe even separate section. Step by step, in simple language, how you usually write your articles.

With regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
just thoroughly enjoyed your reviews of Yamaha Avant Grands and the Kawai MP11. You almost convinced me (my son plays a Yamaha C6 for advanced classical music including Chopin and Debussy in our house but might need a silent practice piano when moving to a flat). What I would really appreciate is your review of Roland's V-piano as compared to the N1 and MP11, as well as Roland's V-piano grand as compared to Yamaha's N3. Kind regards Ernest from Austria

teacherpam said...

Hi Tim!

I'm interested in either the Kawai CA65 or the CS7. Can you give me your insights on how they compare and differ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Trying to decide between the Kawai CN25, Yamaha YDP162 and the Casio AP450. Which one would be a better choice?


Unknown said...

They are the same piano but in a different cabinet. Also check out my comparison review of the new Kawai models here:

Unknown said...

Without question the new Kawai CN25 and Casio AP450 in my opinion are upgraded in key action, piano sound, key movement and sensor response, and overall digital features over the Yamaha YDP162, although the YDP162 is certainly a nice piano. Another piano that I would consider in a higher category in the same price range is the new Roland RP401R. If you live in the US and want more detailed info on any of these pianos as well as what you should pay for them, please email me directly.

Nigeria Notes said...

Hi Tim,

I tried calling while I was in the States but didn't get you in. I am now back in India. Am looking for a digital piano that will hold up well in our weather and is as close to a "real piano" in touch and sound as possible. It isn't possible to go to a store and see these models so am blind without your help. Have been looking at a Kawai CN25 or ES7. Just heard there is a CN35 that looks to be fairly similar to an ES7 but comes with a cabinet and bench. What are your thoughts on these three?

Unknown said...

would you post the view of yamaha YDP 121? I can't find the info about it this website?

Michel G. Breitfellner said...

Dear Tim,

Many thanks for the excellent reviews which helped me a lot to narrow down my list of candidates for purchase. In your review of the Casio PX-360 you said you already played the PX-560 that will be released soon. When will you publish a review about the Casio PX-560?

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello there Tim,
Thanks so much for all the help you are giving to your readers and buyers.

I am now in doubt as I have been offered one of the very last Kawai CA95 from a showroom, with full warranty and I really liked it. But for just a bit more they are also offering me the new CA67 with the same sale conditions. I am aware that the CA67 is the newer model, but it doesn't have the proyection and sound fullness that I felt with the CA95 at a good volumen. As I live without neighbours I will play mostly without headphones, so basically I wonder if the improvements in the action of the CA67 make it better than the CA95 with its so called soundboard.
Thank you for your time and help.

Unknown said...

Hi, how is it going with the reviews of CA67 and CA97. I have been waiting for those for some time.

EVD said...

Hi Tim,

looking at buying a Casio CDP-100 for around 500 NZD (300 US$) your thoughts please on this one? It is for my daughter starting out on earning the piano. Other one is Casio PX160, twice the price, but brand new.



Unknown said...

I am waiting on your review of the CN35. How is that one coming along?

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot. We are very much looking forward to your review on Kawai CN35 as we are thinking of buying it in the next two weeks. your review would be greatly helpful and would be greatly appreciated!!!

Coolname said...

I am really looking forward to the review of the Kawai CA17, CA17 and CA97 range. I am doubting between these and the Roland HP603/605. Do you have any indication on when the review of these could be expected? Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

That AvantGrand N2 has many characteristic similarities to the Casio Hybrid GP500. Both are the top of the line in an upright configuration which is a space saving in a smaller home. I know they are not the same price range, but the concept in both, and the execution of the "Hybrid" piano concept is very similar. I would love to see you write a piece on a comparison between these 2 models. (key feel, grand sound, reliability, features simulating the grand piano experience).
Or even if you can just summarize a bit in this blog would be great.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you will ever do a review on some of the new Korg digital pianos?

Unknown said...

Hi I want to purchase a digital piano for my children who have been taking piano lessons for two years. We are considering Casio PX770 and Casio AP250, can you give us suggestion on which one to buy? Or would you recommend something else in that price range? Thank you kindly.

Tim Praskins - AZ Piano Reviews said...

The Casio PX770 is a far better piano in terms of piano sound realism, pedaling sustain realism, and the feel of the keys. The instrumental sounds are also much more realistic as compared to the much older AP250. Other than cabinet differences, the PX770 is a far more authentic piano

sandra said...

Please, can you help me to decide between kawai cn 37 and yamaha clp 625? Yamaha is a little bit cheaper, but... Than you very much!

SnakeLeon said...

Where are the Nords?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, regarding updated versions for both brands, do you still favor the Kawai CN27/37 over the less expensive Casio AP-470? Thanks!!

Tim Praskins - AZ Piano Reviews said...

I think the new Casio AP470 easily competes with those Kawai pianos although each one has there own proprietary features. But it's hard to beat what you get for just $1499 in this new Casio AP470...especially in its price range for a furniture cabinet digital piano.

Unknown said...

I'm waiting for Kawai CA78 review.
I'm also interesting in reviews of Kawai CA48 and/or CA58, because I'd like to know your opinion about new Grand Feel Compact action, and how would you compare it to Grand Feel and Grand Feel II actions.

Unknown said...

I was wondering the same thing. Very helpful website in every other respect.

Tim Praskins - AZ Piano Reviews said...

I just don't have the time to do Nords. I have played all of the Nords and like them, but don't get many inquiries on them. I focus on mainstream digital pianos even including obscure models such as the ones that are private label at GC and S Ash or at Costco...models other people do not review. Maybe it's because the Nords are red:). Anyway, perhaps if and when I have more time, but just keeping up with all the other models including new updated ones that seem to be coming out all the time. Thanks for asking

Øyvind J. Karstad said...

Thanks for a great site! Are you planning on reviewing the Yamaha P-515?

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for all the reviews!

Is there any chance you will review the Yamaha P125? I'm leaning towards getting this one, but didn't find a review here.