Digital Piano Shopping Tips

Digital Piano Shopping Tips - A Must Read before you purchase any digital piano!

very helpfulOct 1, 2023 - When purchasing a new digital piano, regardless of what brand and model it may be, there are important things to know before you make your buying decision. We have put together some helpful info based on our years of experience with these things so that you can be more educated in making a better informed digital piano buying decision. 

Take a look at the various topics below and click on the links that will take you to the specific articles on this blog. If you have other questions concerning these things then be sure to contact us for more personalized info at no charge. Music and piano is our passion and we hope it will be as much of a joy in your family as it has been and is in our family! There are few things that are better than playing music and experiencing what it can do to fill your soul and add to your life's experiences.

piano lessons Kids should learn to play piano and get piano lessons! All kids love music and some are more "in tune" with it than others. However putting cost aside for now, all kids should be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, especially the piano. The piano is the foundational instrument for all other instruments and for music itself. There is almost nothing as satisfying as the personal joy one gets when playing a musical instrument. 

Music flows into and out of the soul and unlocks feelings like nothing else can. A digital piano is the perfect instrument to learn piano on because not only can it be a wonderful playing experience, but most of them can connect to an iPad or laptop computer using a USB cable and available music educational apps and programs that make the learning process fun and exciting as well and/or getting a good local teacher. If you are a parent, please read my articles on the importance of music in the lives of your children: Why YOUR kids should play Piano!      The Joy of Making Music    The 5 Top Ways Music Affects Development in Babies & Young Children

used pianos Used Digital Pianos - Should you buy one? People naturally consider buying a used digital piano when shopping for a digital piano. However, a used digital piano comes with plenty of risks and in many cases the cost "savings" of a used digital piano is not worth the expense. 

New digital pianos offer a much higher level of piano playing authenticity over older used pianos and even relatively recent digital pianos within the last 5 years. On top of that, many older used pianos may have some hidden intermittent problems that you won't discover until after you own that used digital piano and then it's too late. Do yourself a favor and read my detailed article on why buying a used digital piano may not be a good idea. Go to the following link to read my post so that you will be more educated in making the right buying decision. Used Digital Pianos - Should YOU Buy One??

key actions Digital Piano Key Actions - Important info you should know! The heart of any good digital piano is its key action. Without a good, responsive, and properly made key action your piano playing will suffer, especially if you are a piano student. A key action is like the transmission in your vehicle; if it doesn't perform properly then your ride can be choppy, unresponsive, and even out of control. Don't let that happen to you. 

Make sure you get the best key action you can get in your price range. There definitely are differences between one brand to the other and one model to the next so don't just take the word of the manufacturer because they will all say they have great piano key actions when in reality they may not. Read my detailed report about the differences in digital piano and keyboard key actions at the following link. If you have more questions about these things you can contact me by email or by phone if you are in the US. Digital Piano Key Actions Report

digital pianos Digital Pianos - Is the piano sound REAL? One of the biggest questions I get from people is "does the piano sound of a digital piano really sound like that of an acoustic piano? That's definitely a fair question because after all, that's what people want to get when looking to but a digital piano...something that really does recreate that acoustic piano sound. The acoustic piano sound is actually very complex by nature as it is created using real organic materials including wood, felt, copper & steel wire, and other natural organic materials. 

The way the acoustic piano hammers strike the strings, the velocity in the way the hammers strike the strings, the pedal and string resonance that takes place within the piano sound chamber, and the various vibrations and noises that occur in a regular acoustic piano are impressive and beautiful...assuming you play the piano nicely. 

A digital piano needs to have advanced sound electronics to reproduce the real piano sound correctly and some digital pianos do a very good job and others do not. Just because the piano looks good on the outside does not mean it's good on the inside. Read my report about the piano sound in digital pianos to learn more: Piano Sound in Digital Pianos - Is it Real?

good piano
Do Good Piano Teachers Recommend Digital Pianos? - I'm a long time, experienced piano teacher and have doing it for many, many years. I have taught thousands of students and I definitely recommend digital pianos to my students and friends who love music and want to learn to play piano. I love to play acoustic pianos as well, especially great acoustic grand pianos, so there definitely is a place for those wonderful instruments. 

But based on today's current digital piano technology for key actions, piano sound, and pedaling, I see no reason not to recommend good digital pianos to students. However, there are also poor quality digital pianos out there and they do not offer even a basic standard piano playing experience and I would not recommend them. Check out my detailed report on why most piano teachers now do recommend good digital pianos to their students and for their own use as well. Do Piano Teachers Recommend Digital Pianos to their Students?

Notice: Beware of "FAKE REVIEW SITES" because most of them have never played the pianos they are talking about and also know nothing about digital pianos. They try to fool you into believing those sites are "real" and have good information...but most of them don't and they even list very old models as new. So BE CAREFUL.

AZ Piano REVIEWS & NEWS is one of the very few true digital piano review sites with original, authentic, and organic digital piano content done especially for you by me. So don't be fooled by those "Amazon Linked" review sites or some other sites that "claim" to know what they are talking about when most know nothing. 

They just want your money (off Amazon affiliate commissions they may get) and in many cases they don't care what you actually buy and whether it's good or bad. Tim & Erik Praskins at AZ Piano REVIEWS (us) are available to talk with you "live" by telephone (US only) and email and there is no charge for our free and unbiased professional advise. Want to know more about us Then go to the following link to read our bio: ABOUT US!

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